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Self Indulgent Poll!

I got a surprise commercial shoot today (whee!) which means that I'm about to leave and won't be back until lunch-ish. Which means that my planned podcast of the Jersey Shore won't happen until after lunch. Which means, okay, I'll stop that. Does anyone even care about my thoughts on yaoi? douchebaggery? This was the episode when Snickles got popped in the nose, if that helps you any. (That was actually pretty intense and horrible, poor little orange oompah loompah!) So I'll leave it up to a poll if I should spend the time making a podcast, or if it's just my Nana listening to it fifteen times.

(And I like making them, it's good voice over practice. But hey, if they're irritating, that's good to know. I'll just sit over here like a dog in the dark eating wet cigarette butts, I hope you know. What, you're too good ta listen to someone talk? Mr. Big Shot podiatrist too busy to call ya mother? I was in labor for nine months, yes, the whole time I carried you, I was in labor, but did I complain once? My feet looked like Challah bread... [/Linda Richman] Lol.

[ETA] Suck it, haters, it's up. ;)

Poll #1500589 TRW: Oompah Loompah-land (Jersey Shore) podcast

Stoney, I would like you to

make the podcast.
shut the hell up about this. No disrespect. But seriously.

What I need you to unnerstan is:

that I love my mutha very much.
Christian Augulier is my muse. Ed Hardy is a genius artist, like Mike Angelo and shit.
I like fist pumpin like chaaaamps.
if my tan ain't lookin like burnt umbah, I ain't dark enough. Spray me up, yo!
da Situation is in charge of da situation. You can't get enough of da Situation. Da Situation is barely able to handle da Situation. Wait, what were we talkin about?
I like girls what suck on pickles. I mean, no offense, but that is hot. Get all the juice out, baby.
god willing, you should meet my mutha.
if it ain't got a sparkle Affliction in fancy script across the muscles, it ain't cool fa dudes. Dudes love the sequins and fancy script on muscle shirts, yo.

A'right a'ready, I gots ta get ready to be a hot nurse. The call didn't ask for a hot nurse, but I can read between the lines. (Lol. Way to fast track yourself to getting dumped by your agent!) (Oh, and I spent SEVEN hours cutting out felt birds yesterday. I scheduled a massage for tomorrow morning. Hunched over a counter for hours? I feel like I'm a semi-colon. *kee-rack*
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