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Movie for many on my flist

Yen Tan is a film director that I've worked with several times. His latest movie, Ciao, is finally available for pre-ordering on US Amazon. Because Australia and NZ are totally boss, it's already available for purchase Down Under. (There's a German release on January 21, as well.) It's a quiet, beautiful (and very sexy) movie about two men finding love after a mutual friend dies. (This is not the typical gay film festival movie where someone dies BECAUSE they're gay. This is a lovely movie. *g*) It's won all sorts of awards on the film festival circuit.

Support the GLBT and independent film community and help make this a big seller!

Have a happy holiday for those that are starting your celebrations, and have a happy backside of the celebration you just wrapped up for those that celebrated Solstice and Hanukkah. And for atheists like me, happy Wednesday thru Friday! :D

(And now I go back to sewing the rest of these damned birds. Oh my god, my hands are cramped into claws. CLAWS!)
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