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Ahahahahaha! *bites lip* MURPHLEBLURGLE.

OH MY GOD, the new Yuletide site has been down for... how long now? All that fuss, all of those promises to people who didn't want their stuff moved to a new place, and it's down? LOL. I know, I shouldn't laugh, that's not kind to those of you whom are vexed over this, but HOLY CRAP. 10 year old code is still 10 year old code, no matter where you move it.

This is a quick summation, because girlfriend (boyfriend), I have some eye rolling to do with y'all. My MiL was in RARE FORM (translation: her usual horrible self) and got a verbal smack-down from my sister, which is awesome. And I will never ever EVER handcraft anything for her ever again. EVER.

And now I'm going to grab a tin of fudge (oh my god, I made almost 7 pounds of fudge just on Christmas Eve, 5 pounds of caramel-turtle brownies and a cheesecake that I DIDN'T EVEN BRING OUT. Dessert for this week, then?) and go get on the new PS3 (whoo!) and play Fallout 3 while my husband uses his device from the future on his one pair of black dress shoes. (An automated shoe polisher! Who doesn't need that?! *crickets*) LOL.

It was a great holiday for everyone, minus the bitchery of said individual. The food was great (if I say so myself) and plentiful, my family appreciative (minus said individual) and once everyone had cleared out, I took a muscle relaxer, a pain pill, and two glasses of wine and slept for 11 hours last night. MERRY BABY JESUSMASUKKAH!
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