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This was what they call a "growth" year, I believe.

If we were trees, the ring for 2009 would be bloated, banged up, discolored, and pockmarked. This was the year where I almost got divorced, where I almost got to work with Zack Galifinakis and Robert Downey Jr. (lol, I auditioned for a movie with them, but I didn't meet them) where I worked the most in the film/tv industry, the year that my last grandparent died, I found journal entries from my g-g-grandfather's trip from England to Utah to be one of the first LDS polygamists, I finally got fit like I used to be, I made new friends, I helped put one pf the FLDS jerks in jail, I figured out what was wrong with my manuscript, I met up with old friends, channeled my inner-high schooler at a boss 80s party, and it was the year that I gained a teenager (from a pre-teen.)

This was the year I finally went sky diving. More than once.

I wrote a bunch, I screwed around without writing much at all, I got new ideas, and played a ton of mahjohng. I cooked, made things, traveled to SXSW, 'Bama, Florida, and Vegas, all to hang with beloved friends, figured out a bunch of stuff about myself (yay, therapy!) and didn't make a single damn promise to do anything last New Years, so I'm going to keep that up this year. I solemnly swear to be me, to mess up, to figure things out, to talk too much, love too hard, be irritating, feed people, try and fix things, sit on my ass more than I should, read too much, read too little, watch too much, miss all the shows I should be watching, dig in my yard, drink, laugh, cry, and play with my dog. If self improvement hitches a ride, then that's cool, I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

Happy 2010, let's try to not dick this year up. I'm spending the day making tamales (how 2 and pics to come Monday) and listening to good music, great way to start things off, imo. :)

(And for those who care about such things, and let's face it, my slight OCD tendencies enjoy the organization, here's a list of fannish things I wrote.

Dennis and Dee Go All The Way Dennis and Dee are siblings, first of all. Second of all, if you're not watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia then I'm judging you. That show is the balls.

Letters Between Edward Cullen and Fangtasia If y'all haven't figured out that the Cullenses are Mormons, I don't know what to tell you. Edward rides his bike in his suit and tries to convert the vampires of Fangtasia via letters and voicemail messages. Whee, crackfic!

Nice Work If You Can Get It Jason/Pam with Eric - Pam's on assignment. And it's [Insert title here.] *G*[True Blood/Sookie Books]

It's Twilite, Innit? CHAV-version of Twilight, hilarity ensues.

Awright, babies, tell ya mama I axed how she durrin.
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