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:( The eyes of Texas are upon you, McCoy

[ETA]It should go without saying that I don't want to hear any negative B.S. about my Team.

Grumpy this morning and I ground my teeth all night. The game last night was an absolute knuckle biter. I mean, it's all of the stuff of legends in there. For those of you that watch Friday Night Lights, think of Ep. 1 with the Freshman quarterback having to go in after a shocking injury (McCoy's wasn't shocking as Jason's, which is... more on that later.) and this kid has NEVER been tested in a game before.

And this game? NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. 100K crowd. Televised all across the country. First game for a FRESHMAN. And damn it if he didn't pull up to close to even before a few heart breaking mistakes. Gilbert: you are my personal Matt Saracen, and I heart you tons, you really did your daddy proud (and us fans, too.) Man. He played the best team in the country and gave them a run for their money, FIRST FREAKING COLLEGE GAME HE'S PLAYED IN.

Now. McCoy. I have followed you since you shadowed Vince Young. I have cheered for you, I have yelled on your behalf when I felt you were wronged, and I don't give a good god damn that your daddy wants you to think of your NFL career, you knew that you weren't that badly injured, you wanted to get back in so bad you were spitting nails. And what did your daddy tell you to get you to acquiesce? It was God's Plan. God didn't want you to play in the biggest game of your college career. To win the game that has the guy that took your Heisman. (Well, he may have deserved it a little. Still.) I cannot believe you sat on the sidelines. That being said, that kid pulled himself up by YOUR 'NARDS and is going to continue the tradition of Texas having outstanding quarterbacks.

That whole team rose to the occasion and followed a new leader and did the best they could. Shipley is going to be an amazing NFL player. <3 I was emailing southernbangel all through the game, and for those that don't know her, she's maybe Alabama's #1 fan. And like the gracious southern girl she is, she cheered my team on, so that her team could win with honor. And they did. Dammit. That was one of the most intense football games I have ever watched in my life.

If you want to watch the most amazing and heartbreaking game of all time, this playoff game between Plano East vs. John Tyler, a high school playoff game. Everyone had gone home, reporters, too, except for the high school radio broadcasters. No one thought Plano East could come back with the game in JT's favor, 41 - 17 and only 3 minutes left. This is the stuff of legend, folks. The emotion those broadcasters have for those high school kids'll give you chills. "I done wet my britches!" :)

COINS PROJECT: Guys, I am just plain running out of time and don't have the energy to brave the single digits out there, so what I get sent out today is going to have to be it. Y'all have been absolutely astounding with your generosity on this, and I thank you. My offer to still go through PayPal (you directly mail me, I immediately refund you the shipping costs through PayPal) stands for anyone that wants to go that route, but I completely understand you not wanting to in the end. Thanks anyway, truly.

I need to take an aspirin, I ground my teeth all night. :( We'll Hook 'Em next year, just you watch.
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