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TV talk and a comment to lazy/overindulgent parents out there

I finally caught up on a few things this weekend, such as the most recent episode of Dollhouse.


I started getting REALLY BORED when all of the Jossverse conceits started piling up.

Switcharoo of the leader of Team Angel Dollhouse not being evil? Check.
Big office discussion where they all raise their hand to fight with Angel to the death and agree to Do This? Check.

They all kept piling up and then HOLY SHIT THEY SHOT RIVER. I mean BENNET. I may be an idiot for not seeing that one coming, whatever, I didn't. And with Boyd being the actual "head" of Rossum... Nice. I would have liked to see a return of Alpha, though. Also, I have a sneaky suspicion that Echo is the REAL person and Caroline is the doll. A doll that has been recycled over and over as Rossum tries to get it right. That would be pretty cool.

Any way, I almost gave up and then TOPHERBLOODFACEWHAAAAAT? I really like that actor.

Last night was the season premiere of Big Love, and if you don't know that I'm a devoted watcher of that show, you've not been paying attention.


I'm not giving a detailed analysis on this ep, because this was all just them getting their ball rolling. Although, if there are any Mos out there (or former Morg) didn't it bug you that they didn't get Testimony Meeting right? Then again, they only have an hour to tell a story, lol. (They'll get that joke.) A running gag in my book is how everything (EVERYTHING) ends up with a Testimony Meeting. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. And for the record, you wouldn't use that time to just apologize (Nicki) nor would you say that you're excited about your new business and you know it's a true thing (Margie.) Eh, it needs to ring true to me, or I just think the writers read an article about some Mormonish behavior and tried to input that. Whatever - it's not affecting your viewing, just mine.

Um, I need Ben to never ever sing again. My shame meter was off the charts. Christian rock AND earnest dork trying to "rock out" set me off.

THE FOOD STORAGE BITS HAD ME LOL'ING. Y'all have no idea how accurate that was. It's just hilarious. See? That's why little details set me off, they get obscure things like FOOD STORAGE smack on, Testimony Meeting, which is so incredibly important to the experience doesn't deserve the same attention to detail? Anyway, sides of beef, row after row of canned goods, etc., the generator.... Although Nicki's mom would TOTALLY know how to hook it up. But then Nicki wouldn't have gone into the freezer, etc. etc. (I was waiting for her to be locked in, honestly.)

So did y'all know that Warren Jeffs has had homosexual allegations from the beginning? So if you were wondering where Albie might be headed, I'm just saying. They're following a LOT of rumors that swirled around that jackass.

Oh, another little detail that I appreciated (that just underscore my earlier complaint) was the church service with the three men on the dais. There have to be three leaders, btw. A bishop and two counselors. Nice little touch to have Ben be the second counselor.

It should also go without saying (but I'll say it anyway *G*) that Barb dealing with the loss of her membership to the church really affects me. That sense of loss, of needing to over compensate in other arenas, the struggle to prove (even if only to yourself) that you're a "worthy person" is so sad, because it's so true. Imagine that humanity decided you weren't a person. It's that extreme. I mentioned in a comment elsewhere that when you come out of that organization and start to see the real world around you, it's like up has always been down, and right has always been left. It affects EVERYTHING. That's how all encompassing it is. I know you can't understand that if you've not lived it, but really, it's just that extreme. (That's why there are so many bitter ex-mos.)

Anyway, I need some more eps to air so I can see where things are going.

I didn't realize that I'd missed an ep of Jersey Shore on New Year's Eve! Who the hell airs a new ep on that night? Esp. a show about people who party? I have to catch up on the Oompah Loompahs, is what I'm saying.

And because I need to completely expel this next thing. Been bugging me for days. A kid came to spend the night with The Boy on Friday. Horribly rude and blunt, and when *I* say a kid was blunt, that's saying something (I have a son with Aspergers. Blunt is the word of the day with us, yo.) He was bossy and lied about stupid things to my son, made up rules to a game to benefit him, but somehow those rules didn't apply when my son tried to use them to his advantage (eye roll), he was snotty to the girls, and when I asked the boys to clean up their messes, he looked at me, exasperated, and said, "We're going to finish this game, first." UM, EXCUSE ME? Naturally I smiled and said, "No, you'll do it now."

But the final straw for me was the food. I made shrimp Alfredo and zucchini for dinner. He hates shrimp. He hates pasta. He doesn't like sauces. (This is what he's telling me, btw. "I hate so and so.") No worries, I get that not everyone eats how we do. How about some beef stew? "I hate soup." O....kay, I would be happy to make you a sandwich, I have loads of fill- "I hate sandwiches." You hate sandwiches? Who the hell hates sandwiches? All of them? From grilled cheese ands PB&J to ham? "Yes." O_O

I have fruits, I have vegetables... "I hate all fruits and vegetables." All of them? Even the ones you've never had? (I actually asked that.) "Probably."

...cereal? "What kinds do you have?" He checked. "I don't like any of those."

I said, "Well, buddy, I don't know what to tell you." He called his mom, who brought him up some chicken nuggets and told us apologetically "that's all he'll eat." That and soda and candy. They have candy dishes all over their house. I had made 7 layer bar cookies and offered him one (figuring he's all about the sweet, right?) "I don't like almonds." Buddy, those are pecans. "Oh. I don't like pecans." You sure liked them when you ate 12 pieces of my fudge - laden with pecans - over the holiday break. "I don't like them any more."

The next morning he told me he only eats donuts for breakfast. So we took him home so his parents could feed his demanding ass. *g* I said this elsewhere, and I stand by it: you are doing your children a disservice if you do not teach them to eat well. You are doing your children a bigger disservice if you are not teaching your children to eat what they are served. They don't have to lick the plate, but they sure as hell should TRY what they're given (obv. barring food allergies or being vegetarian, etc.) I absolutely cannot accept that teaching your children manners (WHICH ARE FREE) is detrimental to their well being in any way, shape or form. I mean, honestly! What a turd. My son was embarrassed on his behalf. (It seems that my son is his first real friend, too. I can't imagine why.)

My daughter, who is hilarious and awesome, said to me at one point, "Didn't he watch Temple of Doom? 'This is more food than they have in a week. Eat it, you're being rude.'" And it's not like I served eyeball soup or monkey brains, for crying out loud! *cough* And I did try to accommodate him with other options, so it's not like I was saying, "Eat this or starve, kid." I'm not a jerk.

He has two younger brothers, all behave/act in the same way. My son is very uncomfortable at their house - they bark orders at their parents. UM, NO.

It was finally not single digits today so Sally Derg got a proper walk instead of me shoving her in the backyard with a ball. Lol. I just can't deal with a biting wind, which is why I don't live in places like Chicago, Detroit, etc. BRRRR. 40s is a more reasonable winter temperature. My little Hope kitty won't even go outside. She looks out of the door, sees things blowing around out there, then runs to my bedroom to curl up on a blanket. Ha. A cat after my own heart.
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