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Quick drive-by

1. Had a great weekend with one of my all-time favorite people on planet earth, marenfic. There was delicious food eaten, great conversation, many many hugs, and here's how great she REALLY is: she sat with me and watched the Mr. play Fallout 3 for a few hours. AND LIKED IT. Or is awesome enough to not shame me by saying otherwise. LOL. My dog is mourning the loss of her, however. Sally Derg + Maren = OTP.

2. Have had three more packages arrive for the coin project, and have emailed the shippers to tell them thank you and how much I appreciate all of you participating. Seriously, you're all so lovely. Slowly but surely things are going out. I'm not very organized, but I'm trying to be. If I've not reimbursed you via PayPal, and we agreed to that, PLEASE contact me. I think I've only missed one, jazzqueen, and I've emailed to double check. I have a long laundry list on my Coin Project to do sheet, so please be patient with me. (But know that I want to touch base with each of you, if I've missed contacting you somehow.)

3. I started back up on P90X to help keep a friend motivated (er, and to undo the holiday damage.) I can still bust out boy-style push ups, so I'm feeling good. I mean, I'm noodle armed right now, but feeling good that I didn't regress to pre-P90X status. --0-- (me trying to cheer, but unable to raise my arms all the way. Hee.)

4. I'm suffering from a severe case of FO3D - Fallout 3 disorder. We won the game last night and still have over 1/2 of the quests to solve, which is awesome as you can start all over, build a new character, and do new things. Also, I'm dl'ding the expansion pack so it can be Never Ending Story, but minus the flying cocker spaniel. There's a Falcor joke in there, if you are my age. Lol.)

5. Big Love is too depressing for me to want to talk about it right now in detail, but man, all of the religious stuff is just killing me. (Oh, and the daughter's friend - I can't think of her name right now - would NOT wear a strappy dress with no sleeves if she's going to BYU. There is NO. WAY. She would be reprimanded by the school for that inappropriate dress. I'm not making that up. You can't wear shorts there, either, or above the knee skirts. Is there any wonder why I turned down a full scholarship to that school? Bleh.)

Okay, food needs to get in my belly, ASAP. Have a great Monday for those not in the US, and have a lovely day remembering how far we've come on this MLK Day, those of you who do! :D
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