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Blood on the Highway news and links

Didn't get to see the "Airplane! of horror movies" Blood on the Highway? Bordello of Horror presents a Blood on the Highway screening! Catch the show Saturday night (Sunday morning) from 1 - 3am on Madison, WI analog 95, digital 991 or streaming online at [I have no idea what this means, the digital/analog bidness, I'm just reporting what was on the Facebook page, which you should go friend. *g*]

Other news, another movie I was in (briefly, which made me SO sad, but it was all about the lead actress insisting on working with another and thus her friend got my part) was selected to be in SXSW this year. EARTHLING is the movie, and you should also go check that out. (That makes two SXSW festivals in a row for my movies! Ditto on AFI.)

This Saturday I introduce my son to the world of film making, as in, he is going to sit in front of a plate of butter for a few hours so they can get a 10 second shot of a skinny kid looking sad at a fattening plate of food. So glamorous... And then in two weeks, I'll be filmed in yet another compromising position insuring that my son will not be able to see the entire movie he's in. LOL.

THIS is a great article that reinforces decisions made about my manuscript. (Thanks again, Lynne.) I've not been able to focus on writing for days, now, but since it's cold and rainy and I'm not going anywhere, I think this is a great time to turn off the distractions and get cracking. This article on getting back on the horse (writing horse, the laziest horse there is, don't even THINK about Preakness) was another great motivator.

And thanks to Chuck, I now know about Axe Cop. And now you do. 5 year old writes the story. His 29 year old brother then draws them into a comic. Axe and Flute cop killing bad dinosaurs? Check. Flute cop becoming - SPOILER ALERT - a dinosaur soldier? Check. A whole lot of awesome? DOUBLE CHECK.

I kind of want to go to this writing workshop. Could be good networking, if nothing else..

Okay, enough dawdling, rewrite time!
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