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Who wants distracting picspam? I do! I do!

I got my hair cut and colored (I haven't colored my hair in... 10 years? Whoa.) and this is the color of my roots. Since I'm outside so much, I have loads of sun streaks in my hair that were giving me a brassy look. No me gusta. But now? It's dark, it's making me do double takes, but I think it looks quite lurvely. :) (And I got about 2 inches cut off, because I'd not been to the salon in, um, several months.)

I'm wearing my glasses and a "mom" outfit, as this was taken before I left for an audition for a role that is, wait for it, a mother. Funny, that.

But now, the important pics. My Sally derg. I was sitting in bed *cough*playingFallout3*cough* and heard Sally do that dream "WHOOFhoofhoofhoof!" jowly bark/breathing dogs do while they sleep. And I noticed her tongue sticking out between her lips, which is always hilarious to me. I had to sneak and get closer to her with my phone (I don't have the app that lets you zoom, because I'm a cheapskate) without waking her up. Or disturbing Hope Cat, because she was being very cute and snorgly. (Cat owners intrinsically understand this.)

So three shots of Sally girl. And one of a disinterested cat that let me know she was QUITE HAPPY AND SLEEPY ON THE FLOOR, thank you for nothing.





Also, I like it when Sally has bunny ears. Also, that HORRID blanket she's sleeping next to (she "ran" off it a few minutes prior to these pictures) was my old comforter as a teenager. My dad uses it to move piano parts, and I had to borrow it. I left it in my car, Sally jumped in my car, smelled it, and it's been her bed ever since. As soon as I pull it out of the dryer, fold it, and lay it down, she immediately circles, lays on it, and smiles up at us. NERD. <3

In other news, I that audition I had last night... I got more out of the audition process with the videographer than I have in some acting classes I've taken. He's my new favorite person to work with. Which is a good thing, because I have to film another audition this weekend. And shoot a short film. NICE.

In other other news, I watched this video of Gwyneth Paltrow working her arms out this morning and thought she looked hot and damn, she's got some rhythm. Then immediately wondered why on earth I was thinking those thoughts about her. Then immediately thought, "I think I'll give that workout a whirl." AND I DID. And I liked it.

The end.
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