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An exasperated rant + pics of the neat coin from Antarctica (which seriously, how cool is that?)

Yes, this post is bi-polar. I just deleted about four paragraphs of a tirade. You're welcome. This is the nicer version, lol. Subject: people who feel like - I dunno - their brains will melt and polar bears will die if they don't IMMEDIATELY CORRECT ME on my word use (which, hello regions use different words for similar things, that's what makes language FUN) or tell me how my opinion on something isn't their opinion, insinuating that mine is wrong. And maybe you don't think this applies to you, who knows. That's probably the very person this does apply to, lol. (Note: I get many of these EVERY WEEK. It wears me down, folks.)

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE "RIGHT" ON THE INTERNET. Let me clarify. If someone posts something that you disagree with, you do NOT have to tell them they are wrong. No, you don't. NO. YOU DON'T. You want to do that, but you do not need to do that. Now, I'm not talking about someone saying [specific race] is inferior to [other race] or something serious like that. I'm talking about "I like [insert personal like such as a food, type of book or show, perhaps a public figure]" and you feel it is SO IMPORTANT to tell them that they shouldn't, that it's wrong that they do, why they are incorrect, or how you hate that very thing, etc. [ETA] How about a[n] hilarious pictorial summation? Hahaha.

Here's the thing: I really don't care if you hate the bread I'm making. Know why? Because you're not in my house eating it. Lucky you, since you hate that, right? And I really don't care if you are grossed out by that character that I just wrote fourteen paragraphs about my love for them. Know why? Because I love that character and you're not me, yay, lucky you! You know what you should do in any of these situations? SCROLL PAST. Please. If you feel the need to correct me, to correct my opinion, argue my opinion on something so ridiculous, I'm just going to make fun of you from this point on, okay?

It's pedantic, petty, and redonk. Quit making me not like this space, this is the only space I have that is mine all mine because I'm a very busy woman with three kids and a house to run, and this place is my Special Place, okay? Just... sometimes you need to shut up and scroll. (And remember, this isn't a public board - it's MY JOURNAL. You know, like how I don't go to yours and correct you on stupid things or tell you how I think your not loving the Catholic Church - or whatever - is wrong because I feel differently? It's like that.)

Think of it like this: when you just have to get things off your chest (in my space) you've just put it on my chest, and I'm sporting 32DDs, I don't need anything else on it, mm'kay? *sweet smile* (And teasing is one thing - I like that. But, like pornography, you know it when you see it? You're not always trying to tease and play with me, you're just wanting to be "right.")

Now that that's out of the way... AWESOME FUN TIMES WITH COIN PROJECT AND THE AWESOME PEOPLE THAT MADE IT HAPPEN, YAY GOODNESS THAT CAN COME FROM THIS SPACE!! Ahahaha. Fortunately the good here MASSIVELY outweighs the bad, huzzah! There are 6 pics under the cut, for those that need that sort of info before clicking. :)

A few weeks ago I realized that if I had been more on the ball, I could have arranged for a coin to go up on that last space shuttle or tried to contact a scientist in Antarctica to see about sending them a coin and getting it sent back so we could have all places that Mankind has been represented in the coin project. aimeelicious mentioned that 30toseoul happens to be a scientist at the South Pole, and that the mail was about to shut down for winter. And I should maybe see what she thought about the whole thing.

Now, I don't know her, and here I am emailing her out of the blue - through LJ - and asking her to do this random stranger a kindness. Which... that's a lot. Side note: I got an LJ email from someone I know nothing about, have never seen before, and they wanted me to expound on all the reasons pro and con as to why they should move to Texas. Uh... Can't you google that? So I'm actually a jerk, is what I'm saying. But you know who isn't? 30toseoul, because she HAPPILY played along with the coin game. And I am very happy that she is the furthest thing from a jerk! Hee.

Not only did she send us a coin that not everyone has access to (only the people that work there at that outpost get one) but she also wrote a letter to my son! Those of you who took the time to do that as well? You are just wonderful. What a lovely bit of icing on an already fabulous cake.

My kid had track tryouts after school, so when I went to pick him up, I brought the letter (with a return address of THE SOUTH POLE, how cool is that?!) and my camera. :) So my dude is worn out, cold and hungry, just wanting to get home to some hot cocoa.

"Ugh, mom, why are we sitting in the parking lot?"

"Because this came in the mail for you." *a few minutes of absorbing the return mailing address* "WHA- WHA!? OH MY GOD."

He opens the letter, pulls out the paper with the totally awesome coin affixed and starts hollering "WHOA, DUDE!" over and over again.

Show me the paper so I can get a picture! "MOM! IT HAS PENGUINS ON IT!" Lol.

She wrote him a lovely note explaining that this was the last bit of mail to leave the continent as they're shutting down for winter - which means no mail in or out until OCTOBER. (Man, we just made it!! Thank you, Amy, Liza, and 30toseoul!!!)

Show us the cool coin, son! "Which side?!" You pick. "PENGUINS." And please note the color coordination and team support with his braces' wires. Hook 'em horns, y'all. Ha.

The other side is blue with a white continent on it, btw. I needed to get my kid back home and warmed up, so I put the camera away. :)

Now, all of the coins we got are awesome, make no mistake. Every single one of them are being savored. We're still just on the first package we opened from gillo, because he's wanting to do his own research on each coin - that way he remembers everything she wrote about them, you see. That's just how his brain works. But come on, a coin from the 7th Continent!! Absolutely amazing. He wants me to email his history teacher and ask if he can bring it to class and tell everyone about it. <3 (His history teacher is not a fan of my son, he's terrified of her. That's another topic for another day, however.)

So just when I get exasperated with humanity, something absolutely mind blowingly wonderful like this happens and I remember all of you, your generosity, your thoughtfulness, and how really GOOD people are when given the chance to be. So much love for you sweet people!

OT, but I need to get/make an icon that reads: There are 10 people who get binary: those who do, and those who don't. :D
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