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My shoulders are up by my ears and I'm hissing like Pee Wee Herman in that one scene

It's not unusual for a Pee Wee Herman moment to happen daily in my house. I'm good with that. DID YOU HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANTED TO SHARE WITH THE REST OF US, AMAZING LARRY?? I digress. It's super windy and nasty out, and for those that don't know, the wind is my natural enemy. It's a hair thing, and a headache from the wind on my ears thing. And also that it's a total douchenozzle. If the wind were a person, it would totally be that jerk that punches you hard on that one tender spot on your arm, borrows money, then insults you in public. YOU WIN AGAIN, WIND, BUT NOT FOR ALWAYS.

This video is maybe the most hilarious thing I've seen in fourteen minutes. (What can i say, I have funny stuff happen all the time in my house.) The thing is, it is a SPOT ON parody of every single Wes Anderson movie, his preferred shots and cuts, and whoever that guy is doing Owen Wilson should get dinner bought for him, he's perfect.

I'm going back to watch the health care summit. Oh, I'm also not getting email notifications, so I'm not trying to be a jerk and not reply, I just don't know it's happening. Also, I'm watching the health care debate, so... I've got that on the table for now. Pretty exciting stuff. Also, I'm on a horse. (lol)
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