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Holy crow, so much going on.

First and foremost, today is the birthday of one of my all-time favorite people on the whole planet (and even some moons thrown in) dovil. We only get to hang out every few years because she lives in Middle Earth, but I hope she is ruining her liver with good booze and good friends. I'm keeping a lobe un-sauced just for you, because let's face it: you're going to need it one day. You're welcome. (And happy birthday, my friend. I hope it's been great.)

Second, I had a busy but grand time in Tallahassee at the Red River Horse Trials and getting a tiny sunburn in the process. YAY SUNSHINE. Also, for those who remember Junior Brown, he is now a Full Grown Young Horse in stature, but still a toddler in behavior. He likes to lip all over your head and sleeves and anything else if he can reach you. We played a game of "I will take this bucket and drag it over here" and "Oh, were you holding that water hose? Because I'd like to grab it and run to see if you'll catch me." <3 (He won the first, but I won the second.)

[Also: for those that remember the horrible accident one of the riders had, Darren Chiaccia - linked above, he came out of his coma after a month, had everyone in his life walk away from him, got his health back, found money enough to sponsor himself, and competed this year. The BFF and i gave him a standing ovation after his final run. Outstanding.]

Third, I am prepping for a stage performance tomorrow night - it's a StorySlam, and I've never participated in those before, so I'm quite nervous. It's a personal story kind of thing, too, but the funny thing is the subject we're all to draw from. Disobedience. AHAHAHAHA, um, I was the most dutiful child ever, WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT? (I finally have a story, but yeesh, it took me a while to think of anything to talk about for 5 minutes. People who know me are gasping, I'm sure. How is it possible that I cannot talk about myself for 5 minutes? Lol.)

Fourth, I was completely underwhelmed with the overall season finale of Big Love EXCEPT FOR HOW justhuman's PREDICTION WAS TOTALLY SPOT ON. There might be spoilers in comments, so if you do comment about Big Love, put that in the subject header so people can scroll. 10-Q!

It's rainy and cold and I have a million things to finish today. Who's got their money on me eating banana pudding and playing Fallout 3? YOU WILL PROBABLY WIN.
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