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And every now and then, an awesome kid appears

I filmed a commercial for LeapFrog this morning, which meant loads of kids on set. And of course, their mothers hopped them up on sugar, fed them sodas (but they're free!) while they waited off stage, and turned them loose onto me and the other actors playing parents. Most of the kids I was working with were just fine, hey, I'm good with kids of a certain age. But the other actors you could tell were very quickly losing patience.

And then there was Charlie. Charlie was a mop-headed blonde kid with big Basset hound blue eyes, about six years old. Charlie had on a Superman t-shirt. But it was no ordinary Superman symbol, it was inside a Star of David. So I asked him, "Did you know that Superman was the most awesome Jew that ever fought comic book crime?" And I expected a blank look because again, he was about 5 or 6.

"Uh huh! He's my favorite! This is a Star of David! I'm a Jew!"

I asked him if he had a lovely Seder last night and he about flipped out. YES. AND HE LOVES MATZOH. AND AND AND... He was off running. (Verbally, not physically.) And we talked about how awesome Passover is, and he told me about the plagues and he told me about his favorite foods, and how he gets to find the matzoh tonight and how he's a Jew because his mom is, but his dad is only a Christian but he's helping Charlie be the best Jew he can be.

This is before he held my hand and sang for me "No Woman, No Cry." And then some G-n-R. (Welcome to the Jungle, natch.) I almost stole him away, and I told his mother so. Coolest kid ever. (I asked him about Hanukkah, and if that was his favorite because it's eight days and eight crazy nights, which led him to sing that song for me. We got along swimmingly. And yes, it's his favorite because 8 days of gifts is "way better than one lousy night" of gifts. LOL.)

Some days it's lots of fun doing what I do. And some days it just takes one cool person to not make me rethink this whole gig. And since I stayed up waaaaay too late to get up so early, I'm off to nap in the sunshine.
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