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I'm filming the DVD commentary this weekend with the rest of the cast and they're shooting some extras that will be hilarious, so the US DVD release will have all sorts of bonus materials. (Including a 2 minute gaffe on my part where I just make sex noises while they wait for me to say my line. LOL.)

I'm off to another audition today (man, I'm busy - THANK YOU, LINDA and JESSE) for another kid product. Same casting agency. I guess they like my rapport with kids? Little do they know I have a side paneled van and a basket of kittens... Let's all go to Pleasure Island! Then it's off to the salt mines, whee!

Lastly, we've had stady 30mph winds. They've returned to torture me. I'm tempted to plant my own damn wind break in front of my house, HOA be damned. How can I sit and enjoy my garden when the wind is filled with douchebaggery??

Lastlylastly, (*g*) my MiL is coming over on Easter Sunday. We've not seen her in a few months due to her cancer/chemo. Let's hope she'll be lovely and not passive-aggressive, because I really don't want to have to be sharp with a sick woman. BUT I WILL BE, IF I HAVE TO. Maybe I can ply her with sweets and send her to Pleasure Island with the little children

Lastlylastlyforthelasttimenoreally, I finally signed up on Twitter, but only so I can follow Mike Cudlitz, Will Wheaton, Simon Pegg and Joel McHale. DO NOT JUDGE ME. If you want to add me, or whatever, I'm StoneyboBoney because I'm super clever with the names.

[ETA] And y'all know I have ADHD, yes? Come on, it's a miracle I get dressed every day. Here's a report from Comicpalooza about BotH and the sf movie I (briefly) appear in, and one of my filthy lines from BotH got a shout out as the reviewer's favorite. AHAHAHAHA.
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