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Gardening tales, TV talk, and drunken tweeting

I'll go in reverse order, because I'm all tricky and stuff.

Yesterday I went into the recording studio with a bunch of folks from Blood on the Highway and recorded the DVD commentary track. Holy wall of talking, folks. One, we all decided it would be more fun to do while drinking. Two, a few folks talked A LOT. About lots of things not related to the movie. It might sound like there was fighting. I think (think) that it was just hilarity. I know that I had a good time, regardless of people talking over me whenever I tried to mention my boobs. (lol.) The sucky part was that I was very very sober, even though I tried not to be. Woe.

And you can now PREORDER Blood on the Highway through Amazon. Cheers!

TV, specifically The Pacific.

The Pacific
Still hard to figure out who some of the back characters are, I thought the guy in the booby hatch was the guy with the friend back in Alabama, turns out it wasn't? Okay. Also, they are REALLY not doing a good job with this story. There are formulas, but that doesn't mean y'all can phone it in and expect us to care. The Pacific Theater was freaking BRUTAL and I'm really not getting it. Am I just going to need to watch it back to back to get any depth of story telling? Huh. I'm sticking with it, just so I can get an answer to that question. Also, I'm weirdly attracted to Lecky. Damn me and my love of lanky, troubled men.

So in between auditioning for pilot season (which, holy crap are there loads of film actors coming back to TV. Hey, quit stealing work from those of us that need it!) and raising kids and laundry (ha, I'm not doing those last two, come on) I've been retooling my garden out front. It's in the beginning stages, so it's not all lush and lovely yet, but you can see where it's going. And who doesn't like flowers? Communists and the fool hearty, that's who.

First, this post detailed my ripping up the front lawn and installing a flower garden and trees." And it's amazing to see how teensy my daughter was just two years ago. She's a giant now, we're all worried. Is it normal for a 12 year old to be 8 feet tall and six hundred pounds? Also, she has tentacles. I think there might be some chemicals in the water.

I put in a stone pathway, and it just wasn't right. Not wide enough, too close to the plants, blah blah. So I dug it up, moved all of the stones, perennials, ground covers, grasses, etc. out of the way, and widened the whole area by five feet.

So from this:

or a greener pic here:

To the border removed, the grass ripped up, and the crappy caliche soil exposed (that's the broken cement looking stuff. Worst soil to dig into, I swear.)

To the landscape being rewired (more on that later) and the stones put back in, all leveled and stable and lovely and some border plants in bloom:

A close up of those blooming plants (pink = creeping phlox, blue = chocolate chip ajuga, silver/fuzzy plant = lambs ears, black/grassy grass = black liriope - aka monkey grass, aka mondo grass)

I also moved the water feature so it wasn't so wonky looking from the back side (the street/side walk) and put in a few things that are just starting to bloom. Also, my little gargoyle needed a home. Darthanne gave me the stink eye the whole time I moved things around until I turned the water back on. It got her seal of approval in the end. Those flat stones are for her to recline on as she sups the flowing water, rinsing the Hasenpfeffer from her mouth.

(white blooms = candytuft, pink blossom = dianthus, silver sedum in front, wall of daylillies in the back biding their time)

A closer view of the bored gargoyle. In the water: dwarf papyrus in the back, water lily up front, I put some chicken wire around the pump to help keep leaves out of the works. The water lily will spread and block it from view in a few more weeks.

I'm hoping it starts looking lush and lovely in a few weeks. I have blooms on my roses getting ready to burst - but I also have black spot ONCE AGAIN. Bah. I'm going to have to suck it up and use a fungicide, my manual controls aren't working. Le sigh. Such is life.

Next up, rearranging the side shade bed. It's a yearly process - I figure out what works, what doesn't, what needs adding, etc. In maybe five years I'll be satisfied. :)
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