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Quickie, don't act like you don't like those

  • I broke my thick solid iron trowel yesterday. Holy crap. Like, in half. That's what I get for trying to sword fight with a garden trowel, I suppose.

  • Today TNT is running a Season 2 marathon of SouthLAnd - I highly recommend watching it. Tonight is the season finale, btw, and according to Mike Cudlitz's twitter (don't judge me) TNT is renewing for Season 3 WHOO and a HOO! So. If you were on the fence about that show because you were afraid of it being cancelled, worry no more.

  • (Also: for anyone that might want to comment with why they don't think it's the greatest show since sliced bread, SAVE IT. I don't care. I'm not interested in debating why you think The Wire or My little Ponies is better, or whatever. I like this show. Share the love or scroll.)

  • Tonight is round 2 of Dallas' Story Slam and the theme is "Mistakes." Gah. Not much different than last months, imo. I'm not really sure what story I'm going to tell, but the owner is demanding that I show up, so I need to think of something and fast. If you're in DFW, you should come and tell a story of your own (or listen to the others. And laugh at my jokes.)

  • I'm off to the garden center to buy a new trowel and probably come home with some peonies and other plants because I have a sickness and then work work work

  • I have bad(great!)fic to share, but no time, no time, I'm late I'm late I'm late!

  • We have a WIND ADVISORY today. I swear, one of these days science will catch up with my rage and I'll be able to punch wind gusts that exceed 20mph in the nut sack. Winds over 35mph will be shot in the face.

  • Lastly, I'm not too spammy, but if you're interested in my 140 characters of attempted jokes, I'm "StoneyboBoney" on Twitter. Oy. It's never ending...

Tags: random statements, southland, story slam, wind: i hate you
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