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I, too, will be sappy, but only after mocking something first. (Come on, it's me.)

Everything about this bugs the hell out of me. HOW ABOUT INSTEAD OF PAINTING COOL BOOKS ON YOUR WALL YOU, oh I don't know, READ THEM? Also, the author of that post is all about Twilight-love, so you know where I stand on that. And if you don't, welcome to Earth, try the Brie.

I have thinky thoughts about people who have books to prove their intelligence, or hipness, or whatever. Look. I make no apologies for liking Stephen King. I read what I read and yes, I have some "important books" under my belt, but I hate the mentality of "out profounding" others with their literary kewlness. The best thing about your 30s is realizing that you can like the things you like, and without irony. [<-- pay attention hipsters.] And PAINTING BOOKS on your wall instead of having books? Oh my god. In the words of Michael Scott, "I hate everything you choose to be." Lol.

ENOUGH VITRIOL, I would like to pour some sugar on you (oooh, in the name of loooove!) ethrosdemon got her affection all up in my grill yesterday and it got me to thinking about this space, too. I came here because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom. I'd been a fangirl my whole life without knowing that there were others out there writing stories about things they loved, too. (I used to make cereal for Luke and Leia when I was a kid so we could "hang out" together. SHUT UP, I WAS 8.) And from a TV show about a petite blonde girl with a sarcastic mouth I made some amazing friends. Real life, hug your bones friends. Some friends are still virtual, but there's a comfort and happiness in seeing them around this place, too.

I'm not really "fannish" about much these days - I like talking about shows/other media with you all, but I'm not really doing much else. I can't remember the last time I wrote fanfic. But there's something about this space that just makes me happy. I love being a spazz here, I love it when people come play with me and are silly. I love pic spams of cats doing weird things, I love it when you are kind and thoughtful, when you share your stories with me (as long as it's not TMI, because it makes me worry about you not having a real person that you can hold and talk with) I love it when you get my humor, I REALLY love it when you don't and comment with worry, but most of all, I just love the interaction.

While I roll my eyes at people thinking I need rehab because I love a glass of wine with dinner (or fourteen mojitos, followed by my own brew made from brake fluid filtered through a loaf of bread - what?) I get that you care. That for whatever reason, these scribblings on my Big Chief Tablet here have forged a relationship of sorts.

But mostly I love yer bewbs. (Even if they're Moobs, fellas. They still are fun to hold, let's not kid ourselves.)

I've been around LJ for 6 years now (oh my god, that long? And I STILL feel like a n00b.) and have made some of the most amazing friends I've ever had in my life. That's crazy! But it's true. You may not know it (some of you are going to laugh your butts off) but I have horrible self-esteem. Horrible. But it's gotten so much better since being around this space - we're such a nurturing, loving, supportive group around here, like an 18 hour bra made of kittens. :D (I'll trademark that later today.) For whatever roll of the dice the Fates gave me for a life, I've never had this kind of support and encouragement in my life before, and for that alone, I thank you.

So. I love you guys. Have a wonderful weekend.

(Psst! entrenous88! THANK YOU for my cute decoration of a puppy. I <3 heem and YOU. And let me know whenever a purple box gets to you. It took me forever to send off, I'm sorry!)
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