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I feel like I woke up in Sideways world...

Totally out of sorts this morning, and it's disconcerting. You know that feeling, like when you've had a really vivid dream and you can't believe your actual life is the real life and the dream wasn't real? Like that, but I can't remember what the real life was. WEIRD.

I think it has to do with the crazy non-stop weekend we had. One of the Mr.s oldest friend's mother passed away, so he flew down to attend the funeral, and I stayed here to get the kids to all of their things (batting cage practice, etc etc) because I couldn't get anyone to hang for the day so I could fly down, too. Then we had storms all weekend and it's FREEZING here (okay, upper 50s, but this is TEXAS in APRIL) and I woke up Sunday to NO COFFEE. Bah. I grab a jacket, slip on shoes, go outside to take the Mr.s car and find that my 35 foot climbing rose has been ripped off its support from the storm. BAH. Half of it has been ripped in half (the thorns on this thing are MASSIVE. The main trunk is as thick as the drain pipe, btw, and that sounds like a dick joke, but it's not.)

So I get coffee, come back, and put on the toughest jacket and pants I can find and wrangle the Mr. into helping me prune it and reattach it to the house. I'm dropping hints the whole time (read: giving him the business) about how if we would just put up the garage arbor I've been wanting, we wouldn't have to do this every time a big spring storm rolls through... Pics under the cut.

This doesn't really do it justice. I'm standing just beyond the walk way by the light in the next picture. Those garage doors are over 11 feet high, btw. The canes extend beyond the top of the picture when they're growing. (I'm letting them get long for the ONE DAY I get my garage arbor.)

It was just starting to bloom, too. They're the prettiest grandiflora roses, too. (Juliet climber, btw.) *cough* My irises are looking super pretty. I can totes take a picture for any plant nerds like me... Lol.

The elusive Mr. Stoney tying off a branch or two from our daughter's window. (I manned the ladder below. That's a new trellis, and half of the rose has been cut away. CRY. Hmm, I need to get that shepherd's crook out of there, it's doing nothing but cluttering up the bed.

THIS IS WHAT I WANT OVER MY GARAGE. How pretty will that be with the contrast in color and the pretty rose along it? i am an old prissy lady that wants a god damn rose arbor and fifty cats, why can't I have it? Lol. (If I was strong enough to drill through brick, I'd do it myself. I've tried. I can't drill through the damn brick.)

Oh, hey, remember how I redid my front walkway? I had to redo the landscape lighting because of a short in the system, and then decided to line the stepping stones with a contrasting stone for a little visual flair. (I've got your flair right here!) I like it. :)

Step One:

Step Two:

The ajuga (the blue flower that lined the outer edges of the bed) are fading as are the creeping phlox (the pink that was behind it) and now the penstemon (the purple leafed plant coming in) and the mounding artemesia (the silver puffy plant on the edges) are taking off. There's always this two week awkward period in the garden because our seasons are so rapid fire in Texas.

In other news, I have - for the first time in almost two weeks - no appointments today. This is a miracle. This also means that I get to play catch up on all of the things I didn't get done last week. SERIOUSLY: I WOULD LIKE MY OWN WIFE, pls. Requirements: she's funny, a good hugger, and very very organized. A nice caboose is a bonus. :D

The Pacific continues to fill me with Meh. Also, Adult Swim has some REALLY WEIRD shows on now, and I'm not a fan. Anyone seen "Superjail?" Wow. Bizarre for the sake of being bizarre is never good. Now, Squidbillies, that shit was funny. Bizarre? Yes. Funny? Oh, hell yes. [And I may be the only person that A) ever RP'd a Squidbillies character and B) ever wrote Squidbillies fanfic. AND IT WAS HILARIOUS, IF YOU WANTED TO KNOW. AND IT WAS A HARRY POTTER CROSSOVER. Hi, crack, how are you?] lol.

If you're going to make a show for stoners, which, I have no problem with that, it keeps them out of the drive-through at 3am buying Jack in the Box deep fried tacos, but could you at least learn from Ren & Stimpy? That's how you do it. "I've had this ice cream bar since I was a chiiiiiiild!" What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, and fits on your back, it's log log LOG!

...I believe I got off track there for a bit.

Oh, before I forget: kita0610, I got the catalog, THANK YOU. Smooch.
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