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5 Things + A Bonus Pic

Boy, what a busy weekend. Everyone's at school and work, so I can finally breathe deep, pick my nose, and not have to be in charge for a few hours, WHEW. Here's some stuff making me happy.

1. My strawberry tree came from these plans, and has over 50 strawberry plants (plus 4 thymes, 2 curry plants, and a rue to deter the bunnies) in it. 20 of the plants are bare roots I've planted so I have continual berries to nom.

I had to put it on black plastic and flagstone so the Bermuda didn't invade. The bunnies were going to town on my original strawberry bed, and I'm tired of the nightly bloodshed with my evil black cat, so this was our solution.

NOTE: I would have slanted the laterals more, personally, but since I wasn't wielding the drill, I didn't get that, now did I? But if you make them, angle them more steeply, it'll help the roots in the end, I think. ALSO: I slipped a plastic pot over the center post so there wasn't a ton of wasted space for dirt in the middle. It took 2.5 20 pound bags of soil to fill this with the plants, for the record.

2. The Pugilistic Teacher that was giving us so much grief last week did not reply to me, but there was a board meeting and she is no longer allowed to humiliate students. (I mean, it took a BOARD MEETING? Sheesh.) She also is "out" this week, I'm guessing someone needed a breather? IDK. I also DC. (Don't care.) :) To her credit, she hasn't treated my son worse as our communications deteriorated, as I half expected, so. Four more weeks, four more weeks...

3. In case you ever caught a unicorn and wanted to butcher it for wintertime eatings (who wouldn't, am I right?) here's is a handy butcher chart for your unicorms locations of hopes, dreams, giggles, and superglue.

4. Through the joys of twitter I have discovered a website that cracks me up to no end. TO NO END. It is endless, like a line. (Unlike a segment, which has two ends. Like your mom.) Where did that double-butt mom insult come from? So go here and laugh your head off. Rosa DeLauro is a F*Cking Hipster. LOL. Also, if you followed me on twitter, you would have heard about me watching ladybugs have sex yesterday. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE MISSING.

Other Twitters that make me very happy: Joel McHale (seriously, I would wreck my marriage for him. Lol.) MacGruber! (He's stuck inside a power shed, and gonna blow up, he's MacGruber!) Mindy Kaling, and Aziz Ansari. Will Arnet has a twitter now, but he - like MacGruber - doesn't post too often. You know what would be great? If Keith Olbermann didn't retweet every asshole that attacks him, because he's about to go off my read list, because GOOD HELL. [I can't help it, guys, I think he's sexy. It's the grey hair and glasses combined with smart-assed confidence, I'm a sucker for it.]

5. We have a new ladybug house in the garden as the aphids have been ROTTEN this year, so we also bought ladybugs. Friday night at dusk (so they won't fly away) we released about 200 of them into the garden. Whee! I had a shirt sleeve of ladybugs for a bit - v v tickly. We already have ladybug larvae nomming up the nasties, which is great. (They look like aligators with red jackets. They apparently are the valets of the bug world.)

Here's this hilarious picture of an inter-species slow dance.

See, in my vision, the dog is wearing a Herbst appliance and has that saliva-slurp whisking-inhale thing. "Sshhhhho, yer mom ssssshaysh that yer into musssshhhhhhic? Me, too. Shhhhhhhk."

I like to imagine that the cat's mom told her to dance with the poor fellow, and that's the last time Fuzzy Bootkins lets her mom chaperone a school dance. Also, it's "Say You, Say Me," by Lionel Ritchie and Fuzzy Bootkins' friends are making redonk make-out faces under the basketball net at her.

Last, The Pacific. SIIIIIIIIIIIGH. Who's with me? I am just... at this point I'm just seeing it through, I have to say. (Put spoilers in your subject header if you talk about this, my Kiwi buddies are a little behind the US air dates.) OH AND KASSIE YOU WON. I stumbled on ep 3 of Treme and didn't hate Steve Zahn or John Goodman. So now I have another gee dee show to watch. *head desk*


Apr. 26th, 2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
Strawberry pyramid of Giza!

Also, my ex-roommate Wells had a first date with a guy years ago who brought three boxes filled with ladybugs and released them on her on a park bench and took photos. He also had coke-bottle lens glasses like that nerd bug guy from Silence of the Lambs, and I know you know what I'm talking about without even having to SAY it. I digress...it was an awesome first date story. Hope you took pictures!
Apr. 26th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
It was designed by Evo Shandor, he was also a doctor, did a lot of "unnecessary surgeries" in the 1920s.

Sometimes... leaves and bugs get in thar. (Wrongful death PPPTIIIIIING! Wrongful death.)

It would take a miracle for you to unravel all the references there, BUT I KNOW YOU CAN.


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