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Quick sum-up because it's another busy day

1. Remember how I was complaining about Firefox being a douche hole? Still is. There's an incompatibility with Java - it keeps me from uploading pics to FB, and other pesky things. Not to mention the hanging, shutting down, memory leaks, etc. I installed Google Chrome last night. HELLO, LOVER. I don't use a ton of add-ons, so it's perfect for me. It has the Delicious bookmarking tool, the tab-mix built in, I'm fine with that. Plus it uses way less memory/resources and has some nice features on its own. If you're not sold on FF 3.6, I recommend Chrome. On a scale of 1 to 10 Floppy Disks I give it 73 Glavins.

2. If you're new around here (and man, those Twilight posts of mine have been making the rounds again, it seems) you might need to know that I'm a really darkly humorous person. I'm nice and love kittens, but also think this is one of the funnier Onion articles I've read since their whole "Special Olympics? Pfft!" article of days long past. (Note: I've worked with the Special Olympics for over 20 years. I also have a sense of humor.)

3. Found on The Rejectionist this morning, 'Werner Herzog' reads Madeline. OH MY GOD, that is some funny, clever shit. Right off the bat: "In an old house covered with vines, the forest trying to reclaim its ancestral lands..." LOL. The "Western Masculinity" of the doctor, the appendectomy = menstruation... WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING YET? Lord, it's funny.

4. Remember how awesome 70s-style porn was? No? I guess I'm saying that what made 70s style porn (See: The Green Door) awesome was that the bodies were natural, the lighting was natural, the mustaches were full and glorious. Modern porn is kinda gross and oily and hyper-tanned and plucked, etc. So check out Jacques Magazine and their natural bodies of vintage beauty. Holy crap, the chick playing racquetball (and I totally want her pink tennis outfit with the rainbow belt) is redonk. Good lord. *fans self* Quit being uptight and watch some bouncing boobs, for crying out loud.

5. I spent yesterday laughing my head off at the Ricky Gervais podcasts. I have much more to say on those, but it will have to wait. (And hey, iTunes! If you have them advertising that one can buy the full-length podcast, YOU SHOULD MAKE THEM AVAILABLE. I think the plan is to release all of the "Guide To..." podcasts into one mega-audiobook, but still. Being a tease is asshole-ish.)

Okay, it's windy and horrible outside and I have loads to get done today. And then drinking time, YAY. My mojitos await the homemade mint syrup I made earlier this week.
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