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CD Project, coming close to the end of the ride.

This was another EXCELLENT request, made by spikefan. She asked for "Passion" and it is winging it's way to her right now. Lots of kinds of passion, right? Right.

1. Love is the Drug, Roxy Music. Oh, yeah. jamalov29, I'm looking at you. Nothing like needing a fix from this, huh? There is something so raw about Brian Ferry that I still just ache inside over.
2. Be Still My Beating Heart, Sting. Something about Sting being so nervous that he has to give himself a pep-talk whenever "she" comes near. Le sigh. "Sink like a stone that's been thrown in the ocean/my logic has drowned in a sea of emotion." Know JUST what he's talking about.
3. I Couldn't Love You More, Sade. What's a CD about passion without her? Hell, I could have just copied every single one of her albums and sent it, but I'm not quite THAT lazy. "If everyone in the world/ Could give me what I wanted/ I wouldn't want for more than I had..."
4. Need You Tonight, INXS. Guh. Why did he have to kill himself? I crushed on him so hard in 1987...
5. It Should Have Been Me, Gladys Knight and the Pips. Lord, lord. This song kills me. Seeing the man you love marry someone else? At least she had the stones to jump up and cry "Ot shoulda been me!! Oh, I can't stand it..." HEARTBREAKING and just the heart of Motown.
6. The Fire, Franz Ferdinand. Oh, you cheeky bastard. "Oh, how I burn for you." I want to make love to a Scotsman RIGHT NOW. Ha ha! Guess where Mr. Stoney's family hails from! Woot!
7. Criminal, Fiona Apple. Been on the one-way street of passion? You know, not returned? And maybe the other person is a little cruel? Naughty girl. I get pissed everytime the radio cuts this off before the cool "yodel" at the end. She IS a bad, bad girl.
8. Like the Way I Do, Melissa Etheridge. "No body aches just to HOLD you/ Like the way I do." Melissa can rock with the best of them, and this song just kicks serious pirate treasure.
9. Wicked Game, Chris Isaac. Guh. A clean cut face with bright eyes and a pompador? And those eyes?? I love me some Chris. (Did you see him in Silence of the Lambs??) Oh, and helena Christiansen made me reconsider my orientation. My lord.
10. Closer, Nine Inch Nails. I know this is a naughty song, Didi, so don't play this when the kids are around, mm'kay? But dude. Not all passion is pretty and clean. This song makes me tingly in my naughty no nos.
11. In your Eyes, Peter Gabriel. I made up for number 10 with this. John Cusack, standing outside Ione Skye's window with the jambox. All night. *wipes tear*
12. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup, Nat King Cole. He doesn't know how to talk to his Frnech love, but he knows he loves her anyway. Mmm hmmm.
13. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Lauryn Hill. Such a romantic song, fun to dance around the house in, and this is the best version, period. A bit of a Jamacian flair!
14. Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinead O'Connor. Man, she was so good. Before she went all "preist, nun, crazy, priest." She has an album of big band covers that is LUSCIOUS. Did you know Prince wrote this song? *adds more points to cool factor*
15. You Oughta Know, Alanis Morrisette. I wish I didn't know who this song was about. Takes away the punch, and this is the ONLY song of hers I like. Oh, you can hate someone and still have some heated passion, we all know that. "And every time I scratch my nails down someone else's back I hope you feel it!" Or as I sing, "Well I'm here/ to remind you/ When you left Full House/ You got really lame!/ You... You... You... Oughta know!"
16. Gett Off, Prince. Did I mention that I love him? Wanna know a secret? He's the inspiration for Wee!Spike. *high pitched WHOOO HOO!* If you don't know this song, it has a line "23 positions in a one night stand." Me thinks a certain Bad(great!)Fic writer listens to this for inspiration...
17. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get Get What I Want, The Smiths. Do I need to say anything? This is the most heart-felt plea for happiness of just about any song I can think of. Wants it passionately, him does.
18. At Last, Etta James. There's a reason why this is the number one song played at weddings (which kind of squicks me, as I think of this as a bedroom song, if you know what I mean).
19. U, Pearl Jam. I love this song. This is kind of a "special song" with Mr. Stoney and I. Um, a passionate kind of thing. Yeah, it's a rock song, but shut up. No judgement allowed!!! Let's just say it has something to do with my sooper sekrit love of drummers... Hee!

One more tonight, "Friends" for fer1213, and then my last CD: SPANGEL for dovil!!! I have chills, their multiplying... 'Cause we know that math is hawt! It's VAMPIFYING!!
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