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Yo te lub you, Cinco de Mayo, yo te lub you so moosh

LOL, it's just an excuse for margaritas, it's not like in Mexico this is a big holiday, BUT HEY-O, I LIKE SUMMERTIME DRINKS, so that works out just fine in my book! [Pfft, so they kicked some French butt, as long as it means 'ritas are half price all day, VIVA LA MEXICO!]

Also things I like: tamales (I have some on deck for este noche) salsa verde, poblanos roasted and stuffed with dee-lee-shous-ness and CHEESE. Cheese on everything! YO TE LUB QUESO. Soak it all in tequila and jam it down my gullet, OM NOM NOM.

But before I can become a bloated, wobbly mess, I get to record a fun radio ad this afternoon and I would like to state to the cosmos yet again that I LOVE VOICEOVER WORK. Love it. 1) no makeup required B) shorts! and lastly: people tell you you're awesome and I always like that, I'm funny that way.

In conclusion: LAST NIGHT'S LOST WAS AMAZING. That is all I'll say here, no spoilers, and if you talk about it in comments (and I encourage that!) PLEASE put "Spoiler" in the subject for folks, because it's the Right Thing to Do.

MAS CERVEZAS, AQUI! AHORA! Well, in a few more horas. [/Spanglish] I would like to hear The Most Fascinating Man On Earth on repeat today. STAY THIRSTY, MY FRIENDS.
Tags: awwwwwspam!, drunk spazzing, movie magic, random statements
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