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I have just committed sacrilege. And I'm super happy about it.

I never, let me repeat: NEVER let anyone do boo in my garden. Lawn? Go to town, spray paint it for all I care, but my garden is MINE because I know more than anyone else and they'll just eff it up. (Lol. I say that jokingly, but come on, you know I really think that, too.) Unless Neil Sperry himself shows up ready to prune, hands off.

So, um, I decided last weekend that that new extension I just put in needed to go out another foot. Which meant that the entire length of the 80ft stone barrier needed to go out another foot. Which meant a lot of stone moving, sod ripping up, wheel barrow dumping, and oy, my aching back. Remember: we have caliche clay, and it's pretty much like rock. OUCH. eta To illustrate the severity of the suckiness, caliche can be mixed with sand to make BUILDINGS. That are CODE. Yeah. It's a few grains from cement, people.

So, um, I may have gotten almost 1/3 done and I may have seen a landscape crew a few doors over, and I may have bribed them to finish the job for me *cough* and rip another 3 ft. wide, 10 ft. long strip in another section of my property, cart it up and haul it away for cash under the table. (before you yell at me, it's a very good amount, I am no skinflint.)

I AM SITTING IN AIR CONDITIONING DRINKING A COLD BEVERAGE. THEY ARE DIGGING, I CAN HEAR THEIR LABORED EFFORTS. And I'm very content with this. I will, of course, bring them cold glasses of water - I don't know if I should offer them a beer, I think their boss is an uber-Christian-type.

Let me state for the record that I LOVE IMMIGRANTS, I LOVE HELPING THEM, AND I LOVE THEIR WORK ETHIC. My ethics are questionable, of course. (Is that wrong to say? I mean it though, with every fiber of my being.)

Muchas gracias, amigos, yo te love you muy mucho. :D

[ETA] Met with their boss, turns out to be a former Extension Agency guy + a horticulture teacher. Lovely man, knew loads, and informed me that my soil was bar none the worst he'd ever seen since getting in the biz in the 70s, and that he was impressed that not only did I get things to grow in it, but so beautifully. *BEAMS*
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