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Quick note for anyone confused or looking for an out.

If you ever. EVER. think that it's okay to argue why sexual bullying [I'm trying to avoid certain words - insert your own there] is the victim's fault with me, I will ask you to stop. If you don't, I will explain why you should stop. If you continue, I will ban you after telling you off.

I am a survivor of abuse, as are many of my friends, family, and internet readers. I will not allow us to be put in a position to feel GUILTY for what was done to us. Pack up and get out, or I'll help you.

As always, I know that I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Fair enough, no one said you have to like everyone, right? If you need to take me off your reading list, I certainly won't think ill of you. If you, however, think that a person is justified in accosting another simply because they didn't specifically say "do not accost me in a, b, or c manner, please and thank you," then GTFO we have NOTHING to say to one another.

And now I'm going to eat some chocolates that my lovely daughter bought me and add a little sweetness back to the evening. Comments disabled because the discussion is happening elsewhere. (The fight, however, is finished.)

[ETA] A very serious post about why some people don't call the police when they feel threatened. Because they have already and nothing was done about it. If you've disagreed with how I've handled this topic, you might read this, and see if it changes any of your previously held thoughts on the subject.
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