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Guys, seriously. Seriously. Fer serios.

I know this isn't popular, and I'm sure to make some eyes roll (at the very least) but I really need to get this off my chest:

I believe without a doubt that the devil played that fiddle better than Johnny, who, let's face it, relied on corny phrases and yee-haw chords to win a contest that was clearly rigged from the start.

Let the defriending begin.

(I MEAN COME ON, IT MADE AN EVIL HISS AND FIRE FLEW FROM HIS FINGERTIPS AS HE RESINED UP HIS BOW. He hadn't even started playing that golden fiddle yet and fire was all shooting out in anticipation of some Lucifer hoe-down. And I'm sorry, but chickens in the bread pans picking out dough is disgusting. Hadn't Granny heard of salmonella? RIGGED CONTEST.)

Last, the most ridiculous question I've seen today: "What can I do with leftover wine?" LOL!! OMG, there's no such thing as leftover wine, whaaaaaat?

this post brought to you by the general feeling that a little levity would do some good, zomg
Tags: awwwwwspam!, she blinded me with science, stoney sucks
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