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To Do List

  • ignore laundry
  • ignore mopping
  • ignore exercise
  • ignore cat scratching to be let out for umpteenth time
  • eat breakfast
  • Joel McHale
  • have lunch with my sister (yay)
  • work on story for story slam
  • ignore bathroom scrubbing
  • call around for estimates for housekeeper, because see previous items on To Do
  • Viggo
  • spread remaining mulch
  • maybe work the Mr. in around other men on list
  • Go back for seconds with Mr. McHale

Tonight's theme is "Memorable Dates," which I'm taking as dating dates, not 1492 dates. Which means it the Greatest/Worst Date of All Time*, the date that brought a date to the date. Video tomorrow. (*This one is prominently featured in my memoir, btw. It's... oh man, it's so perfectly descriptive of life in Utah, I just can't even begin.)

Almost the weekend, WHEEEE!
Tags: story slam, to do
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