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I'm not dead! (Although I should be.)

Okay, I'm going to have to call commenting amnesty, because I just don't know when I'll be able to sit and reply to 100+ comments, I'm so sorry. Don't take it as an insult, or anything like that, I'm not "privileging comments" over yours. I'm just, you know, a mother etc. etc. and don't have time. I appreciate every comment, every person that spoke up about themselves on Those Posts. So please let this be my "thank you for commenting!" comment. :)

I'm feeling reeeeeaaaaaaally stretched thin, like I've got way too much I'm doing and I'm not doing any of it well. Mostly that's because I'm doing too much and because it's the end of the school year, blah blah. Vacations are coming up, and that should go a long way to letting me feel like I can drop my shoulders. Oh, and I got a bee in my bonnet over finishing up some garden tasks, and y'all should know by now that I'm insane when it comes to my landscaping. Big pics under the cut!

When we bought our house there was only a huge swath of nasty common Bermuda (not the pretty, fine bladed type like Tifway - HEY-O I'M A PLANT NERD) and many pounds of thistles. Lovely? Not one blooming plant. Two mostly dead trees. That was it, on 1/2 acre bit o'land. o_0 I started digging holes and realized why nothing was growing. We have the worst soil known to man, and loads of garbage under the sod. (You moved the headstones but you left the bodies! And the beer cans! And the tarps! And good hell, why so many bricks? And is that a FULL beer can? Just sitting under the sod? REALLY?) Ugh. True fact: the type of soil I'm sitting on is what HIGHWAYS are made of. You know, where huge trucks drive over in lovely stability? Try digging in that some time. Now dig up 35 square YARDS of it. WHEE.

Back to my awesome garden. Lol. The land is very sloped, btw., because I live in Flash Flood land (see: highway for soil - where does the water go? Not down but in horizontal torrents!) This is what it started out as (once I dug out three sickly holly bushes) in the beginning:

Pretty sad and pathetic looking, huh? Those are three wee pine shrubs under the window (I want a 360 view - not just a street view, btw.) and my beloved weeping Japanese maple (the one cut in half by the roofers, sob) and the beginnings of a stacked stone wall. It's wonky, but that's because I didn't get my level out initially.

Later, I made the bones to a walkway to our back gate and put in a blue point juniper and some grasses (gulf muhly) and let it rest all winter.

Not that great looking, I know. But the key here is to get beds refilled with good soil and let them mellow for a bit. It's hard to be patient.

Here's the first spring. (The white blossoms against the wall are mock oranges, and HOLY CRAP do they smell delicious. It's almost overwhelming, like a combination of gardenia and honeysuckle. Mmmm.)

Well, I ended up pulling out the border by another good foot [that was when I hired those roving landscapers to finish digging up and hauling off the concrete-grass] and dug out a solid three feet to the right of the stone path. Which meant that I needed to take out all of the stones, try and control the slope a bit, then re-do the steps, make them wider, and make sure they were perfectly level.

(I want them to match the front walkway.)

Here's the front walk in transition from the spring blooms to summer blooms.

Here's a view of the new part looking to the front.

Still left to do (but probably not today): add more day lilies (the thick grassy looking plant on the left) to the new side of the border, see if anyone has any more bluebells to add to the new side as well, add a few more grasses to the left to make it match. You can't see now, but at the bottom are two gulf muhly grasses that will get huge and full with pink wisps floating above in fall, the grasses in the new section are smaller Mexican feather grass, and I love how they look with the slightest breeze.

I need to add another cubic yard of soil/mulch to the sides to help shore up the steps and wall. The slope is intense there, and I just don't want to haul off any more caliche soil, I'd rather go up than down. Also needed: the last two flagstones up against the house and more blue stones (Mexican river pebbles) to finish it out. One day I'll hire an electrician to put a grounded outdoor plug on that wall so I can put landscaping lights out there as well, but not today.

It's still a baby garden, and I'm impatient for it to look full and lush already. I still like how it's looking, though. And given that NO ONE ON MY BLOCK has anything remotely close to a flower garden, it's pretty impressive in person, if not in pictures. Mostly by association, lol.

In other news, I wore a racer back sports bra and a spaghetti strap tank while working out there, and evidently didn't get sunscreen in the middle of my back where my shoulder blades are. So now I have a sunburn that looks like a butterfly. PRETTY. Um, when I go shopping later for a sun dress for a wedding this weekend (the one where my MiL informed the groom's mother that I just might be late, because I'm an idiot that can't find my butt with both hands? GAH.) I'll look for one with a higher back, I suppose. NOT PRETTY.

In other, other news, I don't know how I felt about last night's House. I know that I love me some Hugh Laurie, though, and his dirty scruffy sad face does things to me. Also continually hot from season to season: Chuck's Zachary Levi and good lord, I want to wear him like man pants. Tall, lithe and nerdy? YES PLEASE. That is my kryptonite. And the conclusion of The Pacific had me realize just what is wrong with the Baby Boomers: they were raised by dads with PTSD. NO WONDER, GUYS. NO WONDER. (Yes, evidently I missed the whole point of The Wonder Years, shut up, I was only there for Olivia D'Abo and her adorable over bite.)

Here, have some tacky weddings. (Clowns? REALLY? Clowns. You are going to regret that when you're older, trust me. Even the waltzing screaming clown of Cirque du Soleil is looking askance, chica. EVEN THAT GUY.)

[ETA GOOD LORD] Holy shit, you guys it is WHY APOSTROPHE ALL. Y'ALL. Not YA'LL. What the hell is that?! YOU + ALL - OU = Y'ALL. Quit screwing up the words of my people. (Would you spell it do'nt? Then you're an idiot.) Also: tump, cattywhompus, and kitty-cornered. Also acceptable: catty-cornered. Y'ALL!!!!!!!! Jesus. And again, there is definitely no "a" in definitely. Two i's bookended by two e's. NO A.
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