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Random stuff to keep me from strangling my dog

We've had a bunch of crazy storms skirt where I live, and my dog is terrified of storms. She's also 80+ pounds. And got the poopy-dookies on the carpet in the middle of the night. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SALLY DERG. I have all of this glorious tile downstairs, but no, she had to go upstairs and leave treats in front of the kids' doors. Awesome. I think you can figure out what I'm doing today. (hint: shampooing the carpet.)

Here are some links/food for thought.

I went back to school in '03 and became a Master Gardener, which involved loads of science, which is what I went to college for, incidentally. There was a series of classes on IPM, integrated Pest Management, which goes into the science of why certain 'cides work on certain things. The way you kill pests is (mostly) by attacking how the pest eats. (Exception: soft bodied critters like slugs, snails, caterpillars, worms.) Why? Because of exoskeletons. You can't get poison on a hard shell and expect it to do anything, because nature and evolution is v v smart.

So. You take something like an organophosphate (Sevin, Malathion, Dursban, NERVE GAS) and spray your crops with it. Something like a grasshopper eats the leaves, but chokes and dies. Yay! It chokes because the organophosphate attacks its nervous system, shutting everything down, specifically by making the synapses no longer fire. It's a neurotoxin. Neuro = brain cell, toxin = duh. Synapses are the spaces between your brain cells, and that's where the "lightning bolt" of information transmits to the next cell, on and on, and then you clench your hand into a fist and punch a door. Or pet a cat. Whatever, I'm not here to judge you. :)

Now, cut to ADHD. I know it's not common for people to take their kids in for proper diagnosis, meaning, not just a pediatrician who asks if your kid fidgets a lot, and if so, take these pills. We did a neurological exam with my son, and the biology of his brain is thus: the frontal lobe (at the time of diagnosis, which was 8) was 1/3 smaller than his peers. The synapses didn't fire properly, but erratically, sending weird messages to the rest of his brain/body. And the frontal lobe is where logic, organization, and impulse control are located. Guess what the hallmarks of ADHD are? It's a biological developmental issue. I'm sure there are some examples of other factors, but that's the general issue.

Now, fast forward to this study. And we find that a chemical that's EVERYWHERE (I mean, who doesn't live where they spray for mosquitoes with Malathion? And if it exists, I want to go to there.) isn't broken down by the time we consume it, which is what has been explained, which is why pesticides are SERIOUSLY CONTROLLED for food production with a schedule of when they can and cannot spray, because it's all about when it breaks down. That way, by the time you eat it, you can feel confident that you aren't going to wolf down some poison. Except for how that turns out to not be true at all. They aren't breaking down. They're getting absorbed into specific foods and STAYING THERE. So washing isn't helping your strawberries, peaches, or raspberries. And guess what my son's favorite fruits are?

I'm not saying that the main cause of my son's ASD issues are because of fruit. I'm just saying that it's not helping. (My son's issues are because genetically there is ASD in my family and in his bio-father's family. Hey-o, double whammy.) But the pesticide thing isn't helping. I'm glad that I raise my own fruit (mostly) now, but man, this explains the huge spike in kids with ADHD, huh? Multiple studies are finding the same thing to be true, btw. And logically, scientifically, it makes sense. Neurotoxins that screw up the regular firing of your brain, and a disorder that is essentially a screwed up firing of synapses in the brain.

Incidentally, they're also coming to the conclusion that this same compound may be responsible for the huge spike in Alzheimers. Which also makes sense, given that Alzheimers is a degeneration of neurotransmitters (which is where memory is stored, the spaces between) leading to the death of the brain cell. Their brains atrophy. :(

Anyway, food for thought. (Note: I am of the mindset - currently - that this is exacerbating underlying genetic propensity, not necessarily is the root cause. Again, I'm in the camp that genetics lays a foundation, environment may act as a trigger.)

Other things, I found The Date That Brought The Date To The Date's tv show online, and it's subtitled. It's not, um, the best show around but yes, his Korean is beautiful. It's just... weird that he's on a show, right? And apparently he's the Ross of the show. Well, if Ross started out as an American Buddhist monk. WHAT.

For those who don't want to read the story (pah to you, I say) you can listen to my sorrowful tale here. :) (mp4, 2.5mb)

Also, dress and accessories were purchased with ease, which is great because I actually do not like shopping when I need something. Finding something randomly? Awesome. Looking for something specific? UGH. Shockingly, it wasn't at Nordstroms, which made me sad, because they are the BEST place for dresses. And shoes. I'll post pics of the wedding after the fact. Meanwhile, I need to finish cleaning the house, stocking the fridge/pantry, and getting things ready for my awesome sister to come up and stay with the kids. They are very excited to hang with their cool aunt. But surprise! She's going to beat them and make them shave her foot calluses, in your face, kids! I'll teach you to appreciate me.

The next time I post it'll be when LOST has come to an end (endless sobbing.) I LOVE THAT SHOW AND WILL HEAR NOTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT IT. I have NO character hate, so save that crap for your own space, mm'kay? Oh, Desmond, I want to rub you on me like a fine perfume. *cry*
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