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I could use some literal brain bleach. Hogod.

Don't worry, I won't go into specifics. Let's just say that I have (the tense of this verb will change now to HAD) no boundaries. Anything can be made funny. Anything. 2 Girls and 1 Cup? I laughed my butt off (saying EWWWW! while laughing, of course.) Horror movies, gross jokes, That Story About Coffee and ...Draco, etc., total lol cakes. I used to do a series of posts a while back where I found horrid fanfic and MSTK'd them, because that's a good time to me. (click the bad(great!)fic tag if you're curious.)

And then.

And then I clicked on some things this morning. And for the first time IN MY LIFE, I couldn't finish my breakfast. (Yeah. I can EAT while watching/reading that stuff, that's how iron-clad my belleh is.) NOPE. I AM FOREVER RUINED. (This is beyond the stuff I've posted here before. Things I've put in invisio text and WARNED COPIOUSLY ABOUT. If that doesn't tell you, then... Oy.)

Say it with me, folks: there is no bottom to the internet barrel. There is no bottom to the internet barrel. There is no such thing as "well, it can't get worse than this." BECAUSE IT ALWAYS CAN. It's the equivalent to "what's the worse that can happen?" in movies. WELL, THE WORLD WOULD LIKE TO SHOW YOU. VIOLENTLY.

In order to cleanse my SOUL (and I'm kinda not joking about that dramatic term) I am going to bake SOMETHING AWESOME *there, Posh. no more bad associations. :D I've posted the recipe in a separate post - they turned out fantastic.

Also, I get to make a spreadsheet of chores for my children's summertime fun. HAHAHA, SUCKERS! No lazing about for you!

*hums "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim, swim!"* I need cat macros today, gimmie all the cute you got, flist! HELP ME, LJ FLIST, YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE.
Tags: alternate things, bad!(great)fic, no me gusta, waaaah, wtf no seriously wtf?
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