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CD Playlist, Next to Last!!

Oh, my sweet Spuffy friends. I see them as this tender bunch (um, mainly because I joined sickchicks and the scales have fallen from my eyes. I had scales, yeah. Lubriderm fixed it. Speaking of Spuffy (weren't we?), the lovely fer1213 requested "Friends" and I had a good time making a reflection of MY flist, and my friend, Fer. 'Tis in the mail!

1. Lalitza is Late, Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria. I mentioned before how outstanding this group of women is, right? These are traditional songs of their region, and the song is a quicky about one friend being chided for ALWAYS being late and holding them up. Ha ha. I have a friend like this.
2. Ecstasy, Rusted Root. Not a song ABOUT friends, but this was what me and my buds listened to after a long hike, sitting around the campfire, kicking the hacky sack. I miss college. Good times...
3. Hunting, Deep Forest. The main reason why this is on the CD is because anelith and I have bonded deeply over this via email. Ha! Plus? Fer teaches movement and has young girls, and the first four songs are GREAT dance around, move your body songs.
4. Fruta Fresca, Carlos Vives. The old corp's Christmas party is coming up and I miss my Cuban friends. I may need to crash the party... Antonio! Estephanie! Luis!! So fun to dance with these guys. *sniff*
5. Farther On Down The Road, Taj Mahal. First off, Taj Mahal was one of the great zydeco/bluegrass guys out there. If you need something to listen to while kicking your shoes off, dipping your toes in the water, and laying back in the sun, this is the guy. The song is about friends catching up to each other at different speeds. No worries, you'll catch me further on.
6. L-O-V-E, Nat King Cole. I LOVE my friends. Didja know that? The fun I have reading your fics, your posts, your tales? Did you hear that internal "click" when you read just the right journal and met your match? Me, too. *hugs*
7. No Rain, Blind Melon. I love this. I feel like the Bumblebee Girl who found the garden of weirdoes just like her! Except we aren't weird. Right? ;-)
8. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd. For all of you not close enough for me to grab hold of on a regular basis... I admit it. I'm a hugger.
9. Roll To Me, Del Amitri. I've been the friend wanting "benefits" if you catch my drift... Patiently waiting for them to see you... Listen to me, younguns: when it's right? It happens the right way. I've had a good one and a reeeeally bad one. Trust me. My husband is my best friend, and was from the moment I talked to him. Don't wait!! (what, am I writing my last will and testament here? On with the silly!)
10. For Once in my Life, Stevie Wonder. Remember when I talked about the "click?" Still feel it. "I'm not alone anymore!" Songs in the key of life.
11. Goodbye Earl, Dixie Chicks. Now THAT is a friend. Sometimes you have to hang on through the ugliness.
12. Joey, Concrete Blonde. Ditto.
13. Just The Way You Are, Billy Joel. *says in her best "bubbe" voice* Don't you go changing for me, I'll tumble for ya. If only I still had my copy of that song... Here's the next best thing.
14. With A Little Help From My Friends, The Beatles. Self explanatory, huh? "Do you need anybody..."
15. Bring That Friend Of Yours, Dirty Crabber. Funny silly song where a boy tries to get his girl to... you know. Ha ha. And it backfires. And it's a totally jamming song with a big band backing the vocals.
16. All For You, Sister Hazel. I'm allowed to go a little over the top with "friends" on the sap-o-meter, right? Last sappy one, but dammit! I love my flist.
17. Everyday I Write The Book, Elvis Costello. Hee hee! I wanted to have this done in Novemeber to represent fer1213 working hard at NaNoWriMo, but instead, this is for all of her FitB fics, the new chapter she put out for "Third Chances," and all of her great writing, which is why I friended her in the first place.
18. HEE HEE!! movie dialogue from Say Anything Remember in this movie when Lloyd is depressed after being dumped, so he hangs out with his "boys" in front of the Gas-N-Sip? And they give him terrible advice? Then two guys start rapping about "Lloyd, Lloyd all null and void..." This is it.
19. Paul Revere, Beastie Boys. I have made more lasting friendships over The B Boys than should be possible. And? This song is still kick booty. "one lonely Beastie I be/ All by myself without no-bod-y/../lookin' for a girl/ I ran into a guy/ his name is MCA/ I said 'howdy' he said 'hi."

Forgive the cheese... I needed it to pair something with the whine. ('scuse that...) I am wrapping up the last one, stayed up until 2 trying to find the right song for something with William... "Spangel" is next!


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 4th, 2004 08:02 am (UTC)
MICHAEL W. SMITH??? Isn't he like a *gag, puke* Christian rock singer or something? DO you no NOTHING about me? Ha ha. *pets your soul, gets glitter all over EVERYTHING*

I was going to use Edie Brickel, but then my darn CD snapped in half!!! Poop. SO, I had to improvise. It is REALLY hard to not use the same songs more than once, and I think I only did a handful of times... I need to make a list of stats. Because I am escaping the noise this morning.
Dec. 4th, 2004 08:15 am (UTC)
Oh! Did I tell you that my Number2 had a T/F quiz in class yesterday and a question was "Santa is real, T or F" and she circled True and GOT IT WRONG??? I kinda want to hit her teacher for making my daughter come home trembly lipped.

In my house, you quit believing in Santa, you stop getting Santa presents.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 4th, 2004 08:32 am (UTC)
No, she JUST TURNED 7.

I DID see that!! ha ha. I had to throw it out there since my post with the asterisk and the "souble entendre" wasn't enough through your pretend drunken state. Ha ha ha!!

(Hey, at least your dad defended you. My folks were a bit Roger Wyndham-Pryce: well, what did you do to ANGER the teacher?)
Dec. 4th, 2004 03:52 pm (UTC)
Wait, the teacher told your kid santa wasn't real at 7?! What a cow! Like it's her place to tell other people's kids! And....grrrr. Hell, I'll call her and yell!
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 4th, 2004 08:34 am (UTC)
I was trying to keep in mind you listening to this with the girls popping in... The first 4 songs are for the three of you to shake your booty to! (Dancing with children is like, top of my priorites. *BG*)

I got the bouncing icon!!! That is a happy little "Chosen" Icon you got there. Wheee!

(Should be there by your b-day...)
(Deleted comment)
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