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[edit for HOLY SHIT factor!] Total discs made: 27. Total number of songs used: 431. I'm a stats nerd. And 47% of all stats are made up.

You know when you play a video game and you have big things come at you, and the final battle is a ginormous monstrosity? With the "Tron" face? That is what this is, but in a totally kick ass way, if I do say so myself. 3 CDs. Count 'em. Couldn't help it. Angel + Spike = MASSIVELY COOL SONGLIST. *puts on white jumpsuit and gold glasses* dovil? This one goes out to you, thank you, thank you very much.

Disc One

1. The Chieftans, Fighting For Dough. Nice little Irish reel (check with anelith for all things Celtic: she is the Grand Dame of knowledge!) for our drunken sot.

To Angelus
2. Radiohead, The Gloaming - Softly Open Our Mouths In The Night. Dude. It's like they knew what I would be doing in two years. Creepy hunting song for our evil Angelus. "Genie out of the bottle/The alarm bells/They should be ringing." WOW.
3. Anonymous, Jeux Interditis. Poor Dru. She is one of my faves. This is our wicked boy stalking her, turning her, and it's from her perspective in the nunnery. (pay attention to the key changes half-way through, if you're scratching your head.)

4. Modest Mussorgski, Bilder Einer Ausst - Gnomus. NERD ALERT: Modest was a momma's boy around the time of our William. Considered by his contemporaries to be "almost an idiot." He had a nervous condition, and bad luck with the ladies. After his death, his works were properly recognized. This piece starts off simple, and (get this) it was written in the brand new style, Symphonic Poem. *wibble* It becomes more and more complex, and sounds like someone is maybe doing something to him in the end. GAH!! *head explodes from similarities and nerd-ness*

To Spike
5. INXS, Devil Inside. "Here comes a woman, with a look in her eye... Bears a weapon sharper than knives/ makes you wonder how the other half dies." I wanted to keep music in the correct period, but Radiohead and this fixed that idea. This song SCREAMS Drusilla.

Hunting Parties
6. Brahms, Hungarian Dance no. 6. I imagine the Fanged Four stalking Victorian Parties and whirling dancers off into the gardens to feed when I hear this. Chaos and glee.

A Relationship Out of Nothing
7. Depeche Mode, Master and Servant. If I hadn't used "Closer" so many times, that would have fit, too, but my boys are into dom/sub. Big time.
8. Metallica, The Unforgiven. Spike's POV. Hate/ love for his Sire is his REAL energy at this point. Right? Mmm. Angst.
9. Led Zepplin, Kashmir. Number one: this song screams sex to me. Number two: I like to think of the boys taking apart an opium den and tripping. Just me? I would read that fic.
10. Stone Temple Pilots, Vaseline. Ha ha ha. I have (fill in Oz's line here:). Plus, this line: "you see the hurt and you see the lies." Oh, and somehow this is a sexy song to me. Huh.

Angelus eats the wrong girl
11. Doves, Friday's Dust. I imagine Angelus is getting confused about his feelings for William. If he has any, he wouldn't let on to Darla. My Darla OWNS her family and wants to be the only object of Angelus' desire; she sees Dru as a toy for him. Plus, this song is about things being taken away from you. "Takes all the love we hide... Everything crumbles to dust..." Haunting and lovely.

Spike gets a Slayer
12. Blur, Song2. WHOO HOO!!! And I feel heavy metal!! Spike. Boxer Rebellion. Fire. jumping over the barrel. That's it.

...To Angel
13. Ennio Morricone, Alone. What I love about this is it makes you afraid to be alone. You can tell someone is hunting you. Awesome.

New boss in town
14. Radiohead, We Suck Young Blood - Your Time Is Up. Remember how I said it was like they knew I was making this CD in 2 years? Wow. You better run, Angel.

I have no one
15. Travis, Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Angel could be a bit of a whiner, huh? Hey! You would be, too! :-)
16. Ray Charles, I'm Busted. Continuation on a theme... And Ray Charles is cool.
17. Elvis Presley, Heartbreak Hotel. Shoutout to the Hyperion! And, um, he got so lonely, he could die. Meaning: he got hung there? 'Member?
18. Barry Manilow, I Can't Smile Without You. Come on. It's ANGEL. He loves it. Be a good sport for him.
19. Aimee Mann, Save Me. THIS IS NOT BECAUSE OF THE BARRY. cheeky bastards. He fed off of someone and went back to rats. Poor tortured soul...
20. Barry Manilow, Mandy. Aww. Barry makes everything better.

Disc Two

Spike Finds Himself. Eventually.
1. John Coltrane, Equinox. Ciao. This song has a "prowly" feel about it, plus it REEKS of cool smokey jazz hole. And William would insist on the best musician, wouldn't he?
2. The Beatles, Piggies. I can see he and Dru romping through England and killing off pompous pricks and being filled with joy while they do it.
3. Ramones, Judy is a Punk. Woo hoo!! He "finds" himself!! "Second verse/ same as the first!"
4. Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the UK. And I am an ANARCHIST!! And I am the ANTICHRIST!! If you happen to think of a Wee!Spike fic I wrote with this in it, well, then you are just special, aren't you?

School Hard
5. Def Leppard, Foolin'. Oooh, Spike got fooled. How? Because they didn't know they were going to use him again, so forgive the writers. I loved that ep.
6. Pantera, Fucking Hostile. SPIKE DOESN'T LIKE TO BE MADE A FOOL OF!! *quick shoutout to a kickass band, too*

7. Sarah MacLachlan, Angel. I have some stones to follow up those songs with this. Or I am crazy. Probably the second. BUT: Angel and Buffy do it. Spike (in my mind) is reflecting on his Sire and misses him a bit. ("In this stark, cold, hotel room.") I hear this and see a montage between the two groups.

Would Tantric be any different?
8. AC/DC, Back in Black. THERE'S my boy!! I like my Angelus. Dark and nasty. Mmm hmm.
9. Missy Eliot, Get UR Freak On. Daddy's home. God, how good was Buffy S2??

Hey. Your girlfriend is a bitch.
10. Squirrel Nut Zippers, Hell. Hey Angel. Wanna take a few hundred years' vacation? Um, it's a hell dimension, but they're boarding now so off you go!
11. Elvis Costello, Pump It Up. Let's just... quit having sex, mmm'kay? (Do you all get that this song is about masturbation? Well, it is.)

Alone and Apart
12. Live, Pain Lives on The Riverside. Behind the scenes, Dru leaves Spike and crushes him. He has no family left. Angel decides to go solo and leave town.
13. Rush, Tom Sawyer. I had an epiphany in the car. This song should be made into an ep. Then end of S3, when Angel walks of in the smoke, they should have made a montage or an ep about him going right from there to LA. What? They did? Sweet. Hee hee! Listen to the lyrics!! It's Angel with a new perspective on his "mission."

I'm Baaaaack! *Hic*
14. Cake, Satan is my Motor. Spike crashes his car into Sunnydale. Ha ha ha!! Poor, drunk Spike.
15. Jane's Addiction, Been Caught Stealing. Um, I took your friends. AND YOUR HEART.
16. Reverend Horton Heat, 400 bucks. The BEST angry/breakup song EVER. Never let it be said that Dallas doesn't have good local talent. Spike is working through his Dru anger.
17. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taste The Pain. Wrapping up his time on Buffy, 'cause I want him with Angel.
18. Pink Floyd, Mother. That ep with Robin Wood/ hall of crosses/ Mother is one of my top five Spike eps. Ever.
19. The Strokes, Someday. Okay, I just can't dwell on him dying. Too sad... This is a reflection back on the good times, and hope (but probably won't happen) for more. Waaahhh. "You say you wanna stay by my side/ Darlin' your heads not right./ I think I'll be alright."

Disc Three

Previously on Buffy The Vampire Slayer
1. Sting, Ghost Story. Snerk. Can I say how glad I am that I am making this for dovil? She'll get it and not be pissed.
2. Scorpions, Winds of Change. GREATEST WHISTLE INTRO EVAH. It's the ONLY long whistle intro? Oh. "Let your balaclava play... Floating on the winds of change..." This is Klaus Meiner and Rudolph Shenker, Still Loving You Angel!! Rocking Wolfram & Hart like a hurricane!!

Previously on Angel
3. Planet P Projects, Why Me? Angel was a bit full of himself. Yadda yadda, gave up my kid, work for evil, kissed my girl and she tasted like... SPIKE.
4. The Police, Re-Humanize Yourself. AWESOME!! It's from the album "Ghost in the Machine!!" I am so happy.
5. James Brown, Super Bad. "I got soul... And I'm super bad!" Spike is back, baby! And a million fangirls squee.
6. Alanis Morisette, Uninvited. Angel pouted over Spike's return more than I would have liked. Me doth thinks he protest too much, no?

Together Again
7. Colin Hay, I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over Loving You. This is the singer from Men at Work. His voice is fantastic. "If I lived to be 102, I still don't think I'll ever get over loving you." There's my boys.
8. Barbara Streisand, You Don't Bring Me Flowers. And it's a duet!! And I hear Spike singing to Angel with a high, clear soprano. This makes me very happy.
9. Cary Brothers, Blue Eyes. The beginning of this song sounds JUST LIKE JM singing "Rest in Peace." This song is terrific. And who has blue eyes...
10. Billy Joel, My Life. I like to think of a new sitcom with Angel and Spike. A take on "Bosom Budies" but they have to pretend to be HUMANS and not girls to get low rent. Apologies to Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari.
11. Ben Harper, Steal My Kisses. A bit of a stalker song, when you think about it. Or about harassment. However, the tug and push of these two... it works for me.
12. David Byrne, Make Believe Mambo. There is a part, "he's learnin' trivia and tricks/ having sex and eating cereal/ wearing jeans and smoking now." "I can be you and you can be me/ I'll be a lady and you'll be a man." I like how that fits in with them at WR&H.
13. Natalie Merchant, Trouble Me. Spike took over the role of Angel at AI while Angel was sinking deeper and deeper. This song really reps the mission statement of AI.

Angel? Or Angelus?
14. Metallica, Sad But True. Remember how they all thought Angel had lost sight? That maybe he was evil? Here is him keeping that front. And reminding everyone that HE is the Big Boss. FUCK. I love Metallica.
15. David Byrne, I Know Sometimes a Man is Wrong. Guh. "I'll be wrong until you're next to me." Spangel. Unresolved, unable... bah.

Raise Your Hand - Choose Your End
16. Radiohead, I Will - No Man's Land. Okay, who didn't get chills when Angel reveals the big picture and they all raise their hands and agree to the final battle?? *sob* This is a mournful, resigned, but fully aware you won't make it agreement song.
17. Radiohead, Myxomatosis - Judge, Jury, and Executioner. "I want to kill the dragon." Here's the battle, and I can't go further. I love you all! Good night!!

I'm headed to the hotel for my girl's night and NO KIDS!! Lots of drinking, lots of crazy table dancing and lamp-shade head gear. Maybe. I think it's fitting, no? I'll be back tomorrow!!
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  • Um.

    I'm like, barely holding on to sanity here, so that's why there's been radio silence. Apparently to deal with my own crippling sads, I decided to…

  • Fic Post - Trust Fall, Sterek, NC-17 [Master Post]

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