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Bald patches are forming on my head

I'm not dead, I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just swiftly drowning in a pile of To Do. Yesterday I canned up 15 pounds of tomatoes, which took all day, as anyone that cans knows - you can't plan on things moving at a swift pace. Also put up 10 pounds of corn (freezer) put up 25 feet of rabbit fencing to keep the buns from getting anymore tomatoes (of COURSE they nommed the heirloom Cherokee Purples. Of COURSE they did. For those about to ask, yes, we kept Darthanne inside on our trip, so. Bunny buffet. But not anymore. [/Hannibal Voice])

Also put some bird netting over my strawberry tower, dead headed the last of the spring blossoms, and did two weeks worth of laundry. Simultaneously occurring was: taking my son to the ortho to fix a busted bracket, planning for a dinner party for my husband's 40th/Father's Day celebration with our fathers, which involves making a cheese cake this morning and hoping someone pulls it out of the oven for me as I'll be at a VO audition at 11am, planning for my husband's funtime 40th celebration with friends on Saturday, which involves ordering a keg, getting pool supplies (we're having it at Brainpool's house) food that is outdoor safe, gifts, invites, etc.

I have two auditions today (one for EASY BAKE OVENS, eeeee!) with several hours in between to chill said cheesecake, make my Redonkulous 4 Cheese Macaroni, get potato rolls because I'm not making bread today (I made some yesterday and it's almost completely gone, of course) make a salad and season up the rib eyes. Oh, and get the house cleaned up well enough that I don't have to worry about giving my MiL - who is undergoing cancer treatment - Ebola or some such.

Which means that I spent a solid hour yesterday writing an Edward Cullen as a Dutiful Mormon Boy story which I find hilarious. (For those in the know, he's hosting this week's Family Home Evening and the encompassing activities. Lol.) I was planning on posting today, but if you read any of the previous paragraphs, you'll see why I'm waiting until tomorrow. Also needing to do today: schedule a massage for yours truly. Oy.

Positive energy (or a personal assistant) sent my way would be awesome. Or you know, just sit around and eat/drink/be merry - I'll live through you vicariously.
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