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Monday = quietly go insane day

So much to fix, clean, update, do, finish, report, bake, etc. Crazy amount of work happened last week, tons of canning was done, scores of children carted hither and yon, auditions, calls backs, movie part (won!) and updates! OH THE UPDATES. I'll just dive in.

Saturday was the Blood on the Highway DVD release party, which was fun (minus the fact that my girlfriend got a horrible migraine and spent the night in the bathroom throwing up. GAH. She wouldn't let me bail and take her home, though, because "I'll be sick home or here. Eh." I finally convinced her to go after the screening.) In the interim, fun was had and people were excited about the movie. PLUS: the party was held in the old Texas Theatre, which is where Oswald went to cool his heels after the old "shoot the President, take the cannoli" incident. Awesome historical building, HUUUUGE theatre. And they have the most awesome "Intermission/ Theater Rules" video ever. (It's originally from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, but it's the best thing EVER.) A handful of pics under the cut!

I totally want to go back and see Dune, now. DUNE! (The guy in the green shirt is my BiL Chris, who co-wrote the movie and plays the Frat douche Roy. He's awesome.)

Nate (Sam), Me (Lynnete), and Deva (Bone.) How lucky am I to be between hotness like that? And they're both the nicest guys, too. And single, girls. ;)

I don't know why I have crazy eyes here. Probably because the guy taking the picture had four cameras and we had to be still while he figured out how to click each one. I'm usually over dressed for these things, so this time I came out in a tee shirt. GOOD CHOICE for the old, hot theater. of course I'm obsessing over my weird bangs - growing out! - and that I cut my hair all off that morning, so it's all flat from the hair dresser REALLY WANTING TO FLAT IRON THE SHIT out of it. I'll stop now.

There was a bonus feature of a "Consumart Training Video" that my BiL made with the help of the star of the Spring Fiesta film, and it's hilarious. Know what else is? Spring Fiesta. And because of all the clicking y'all did a week ago, they landed on the FRONT PAGE of Funny or Die! NICE. Please please PLEASE keep clicking it, click "Funny" and email it to people to do the same. This is how future jobs are made in this biz, guys! And you can say you knew them when. :) And as of 8am tomorrow, you can buy Blood on the Highway at Amazon or Walmart or through Netflix! YAYNESS. You can WATCH THE TRAILER HERE. And be sure to click "Funny" or a little bit of my soul dies. :(

Next! I'm doing a film at the end of July. A movie that will star a certain someone from Arrested Development and Chuck. TONY HALE, HOLY CRAP. Now, I have no scenes with him, which sucks, but hey, I'll hopefully get to meet him. It's going to be REALLY HARD to not want to rub his shoulders and say, "Heeeeeeeeey, Brother." Funtimes.

Took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and aside from a misstep in regards to one of the female characters, I thought it was perfection. (And the little thing that bugged me is minor.) The ending tore me up and I couldn't help but cry. I looked over and saw that my son was, too. <3 He tried to hide it, then gave me a big, sappy grin and shrugged. "It's really sad, Mom." IT IS, MY LOVE. *holds* Loved it. LOVED. Thought it a fitting tribute to the series, and let me tell you, the first one came out on video when my son was 2, and we watched it ENDLESSLY. It got to the point where I thought maybe the toys WERE real when I wasn't looking. I would apologize to them when I put my son to bed. Lol. "I'm sorry he chewed on you, that's his way of saying I Love You." :)

Other movies I've seen and really enjoyed, under a cut for Spoilers.

Orphan Movie Spoilers

This came out, what, two years ago? I finally watched it on DVD, and man, it's great! Creepy as hell, and it's all because of the excellent casting on part of the actual "Orphan." It's very much a psychological thriller, and just when you think it's going somewhere that is REALLY REALLY WRONG, you find out the "secret" about the little girl. And that just makes it wonderfully creepy.

Here's the secret, for those not worried about the spoiler: she's not a little girl at all. She has a rare (and real! I love that stuff) form of dwarfism that makes her look proportional, but she's in her 30s, playing the part of an 11 year old. And she wants a man of her own. Oh, and she's a homicidal maniac. They make the actress (an actual 11 year old) look older, and it's outstanding makeup. It just makes it all so much more sinister.

They build up the relationships in the movie nicely, we buy the parents as who they are, and their youngest daughter - an actual deaf child - is the cutest little bug ever. And of course, they put her in peril. But it's not gratuitous, it fits right into the story. And man, a child in peril = me a basket case. Awesome. Some gore, mostly fearful situations. Good stuff that is an excellent popcorn horror movie - just a bit above others like it.

I've been reading some fun books, too, but they deserve posts of their own. If you wished the Sookie Books were a bit smarter, but like the fact that they were total beach reads, you might check out the series by Gail Carriger, "Soulless." It's supernatural shenanigans set in Victorian England, where Queen Victoria (and everyone else) knows about Vampires and Werewolves. She has a unique twist on the subject that keeps it from feeling like a tired retread. There are two books out with a third due in... the fall? Yep, the fall. There's an element of gayness in them that I can't decide if it's lighthearted or mildly offensive, though. (There's a foppish vampire with dandies for minions. Time appropriate? Or stereotypical? I can't decide.) They are fun, though. Not as graphic as the Sookie books - sexually - but not chaste, either. It's fitting with the time period and the tone of the books.

Okay, I need to stop typing or I won't get a thing done today. :) OH WAIT, LAST THING! This Tumblr account is hilarious. "Catalog Living" where it follows the lives of a couple, Elaine and Gary, that "live" in the catalog images. And of course they have massive issues. Funny stuff, I wish I'd thought of it.
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