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You know what's cuter than a kitten? Two kittens.

...we got the kittens. I MEAN, COME ON. KITTENS. Who doesn't love kittens? They cure everything that ails you, except for feline allergies. And oh my stars, they are the cuddliest, goofy little things. Brother and sister and the brother is a little shy, but once the lights go out (translation: everyone is ready for bed/in bed) he is all I MUST RUB YOUR FACE AND GROOM YOUR EARS AND MAKE BISCUITS ON YOUR NECK. Gah, little dude, GO TO SLEEP. They both slept on my chest all weekend long. <3 Sally Derg wants to lick them and claim them as her babies, but they're not too sure about that. Miss Hope Cat wasn't too keen on them at first (what?!?! she's normally the Good Will Ambassador!) but is now tolerating them, mostly because they have kitten chow that smells delightful to her. Nerd.

Meet: girl cat. (We still haven't decided on new names.) SMIDGEN. :)

Meet: boy cat. (I'm totally posting a poll after pics, because this is redonk.) SMUDGE. *G*

Boy and Girl cat are attached at the hip, generally. Girl cat is usually the first to notice unusual things, such as a rare fly in Casa de Stoney.

For perspective on how teeny they are, their heads are almost the size of an outlet switch plate. TEENSY BABIES.

A big whiny baby showed up, desperate to sniff and snorgle the babies. Surprisingly Boy Cat was the one to investigate first.

The big whiny baby moved (inched on her belly, pulling herself by her front claws, actually) towards the Girl Cat on the other side of the bed, and Big Brother decided to come investigate further.

If they ever stay still for more than 5 seconds, I'll take more pictures. IN THE MEANTIME, HELP ME WITH NAMES.

Poll #1591338 OMG I can't keep calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Or can I?

So about that Thing 1 and Thing 2 thing...

you should name them that, Dr. Suessness of Awesome!
how on earth are you going to call that name?
there are other names I want to suggest in comments.
pie. Always pie. Not a name, just as a thing of wonder and beauty.

But Stoney, you tend to like silly plays on media characters for your pet names, what about Cephus and Reecie?

THAT IS DELIGHTFUL, and I loved those characters.
I have no idea who you are talking about, therefore I hate those names.
i have no idea who you are talking about, but I think those are great names.
Who's Cephus, the boy or the girl?
Look up in the sky-ra baby, is that a star-ah? [Oh, no!] Twinkuuuuh, twinkuuuuh! Uh little star-uhhhh! How I wonduhhh - [Whatchu wonder?] WHERE YOU BEEN!

Stoney, you are beyond ridiculous. Ren & Stimpy, however:

seems more appropriate, even though one of them isn't a chihuahua
is yet another ridiculous attempt at humor. Also, you EEDIOT.
I've had this bar of soap since I was a CHILD!
Powdered toast MAAAAAAAAN!
If'n you ain't the granddaddy of all liars!

Let's blast through this pitiful exercise, woman.

Cap'n & Tenille
Donny and Marie
the siblings from Flowers in the Attic, Chris and Cathy
Fric and Frac
seriously, what is wrong with you?
I have a better set of names in comments, names that are NOT brother and sister names.

[ETA] WE HAVE A WINNER ALREADY: Smudge [boy] and Smidgen [girl,] provided by withoutwords. The kids have latched on, and it's super cute. Continue to have fun with the poll, however.

In other adventures this weekend, I saw two excellent movies. And both completely different. Spoilers under the cut for the movies

The Hurt Locker SPOILERS!

Oh my god, what an amazing war movie. So stark, so realistic. THAT is what a gun sounds like, that flat, almost ridiculously non-important noise. And explosions realistically depicted, and more horrifying as a result. The opening shot of the IED going off and the slow motion of the gravel on the road lifting up, the ripples in the crusty soil, and the bomb specialist's cough of blood as his internal organs liquefy as a result of the blast. No, Hollywood, you cannot out run an explosion.

Did anyone else notice the cut shots of bedraggled cats throughout the movie? Great metaphor for the Iraqi people: beaten down, starving, broken, and yet still carrying on and fending for themselves. Just an absolutely outstanding and intense movie, imo. A simple scene of complete dread: when he disarms the first (massive) bomb and find a cable leading to seven others, slowly pulling up out of the sand. Good lord,.

For a movie that doesn't have a lot of shoot 'em up and explosions (and it's a movie about bombs) it's amazingly intense. THAT my friends is how you make a war movie. The absolute terror of the three men in a courtyard, two covering the one at a car purportedly laden with explosives. The perceived dangers? A young man with a camera watching them work. Three men in a minaret talking quietly to each other. No guns showing, no big bravado actions or sweeping, tense orchestral scores, just a visual of the soldiers who know that THAT is what is fearful in that country. It's not the expected. Can't recommend this enough, if you've not seen it.

Predators Spoilers!

And now for something completely different. This is all big Hollywood explosions, ridiculous guns, one liners, and a really deep, gravelly voice on Adrien Brody. And I loved (just about) every minute of it. Predators is one of my all-time favorite shoot 'em ups meets Sci-Fi. It's just clever, funny, freaky, and really inventive. Rodriguez (and seriously, I frickin' love everything he does. I don't even care about the leaving his wife for Rose McGowan stuff) knows how to wink and nod at Hollywood and still make a great movie.

I especially love that HE loves strong women. And his women are flawed, not admired for being a woman, you know, they get to be 3-dimensional. Thanks for that, dude. :) There were nice nods to the original Predator throughout the movie, too. The spiritual "native warrior" that is the first to sense something is wrong. The music is similar, too. I don't think they did enough to set up Topher Grace as his big reveal, though, because of the conversation he has with Chompers the Serial Rapist Character where he's put off by the guy. IDK, maybe they shortened that scene in editing.

That's a pretty small quibble, though.

I re watched the remake of Planet of the Apes and laughed and laughed at all of the continuity errors within. Such as, the monkeys have smelting abilities? Really? And where were these massive factories that produced all of that armor and weaponry? Not to mention the fact that the apes all seemed to be male, and in biology, it doesn't work that way. THAT would have been cooler to have an army of angry lady apes. LOL. That's not the most embarrassing thing Mark Walburg's done, though. That would be The Happening's scene of him trying to calm down a plastic bamboo plant. OMG, how redonk. Ahahaha.

I digress.

Last but not least, I have a table read tonight for another Indie film I'm doing (small part, but a fun crazy role) and that's always a good time. Plus, I made the most epic pork shoulder of all time this weekend. I mean, words cannot describe the deliciousness, but I'll try. Braised for 3.5 hours in Adobo seasoning, bay leaf, onion, garlic, and Mexican baking chocolate. That last one is the secret to my success, I'm telling you. That's what makes my tamales so dang good, if I may say so myself. Mmmmm. That was the last of the wild boar, too, so I'm going to be pork-less until hunting season starts again. Goodness, that sounds dirty. :)

It's so frakkin' hot outside that I will not even try and venture out. It's all about laundry and Assassin's Creed 2 (which I'm trying out. So far, so good.)
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