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Fun has been had, and no hangover. Huh. Tried hard enough...

Girls night out was a huge success. A large suite was booked, a balcony came attached for smoking, and a fireplace was used. 4 girls, no kids, lots of yummy nibblies (can I say how much I loved baked brie?) and several bottles of wine (6! Holy shit!!). Charisma Nipples by the fire, and talking and "I love you!!"s were thrown about until 3 AM. Discovered one of my RL friends is a closet Spike worshipper and wanna be writer!!! I am trying to get her to step out into the clearing, will announce her when she stops being skittish.

Woke up refreshed, thanks to ChasersTM, dovil, I'm sending you some. No hangover, no matter how much you drink!! Had brunch, came home, house is clean and quiet. Had an email from karabair that her Gunn postcards came, so here they are. Love you, man. (figurative man = LJ flist)

My idea was Gunn was almost mortally wounded in the Big Battle. He had never left LA (The White Room doesn't count) so he was shipped off with a special doc to the mountains to heal. Angel is helping the scoobies rebuild a New Watcher's Council.

All postcards have pictures of the Grand Tetons on them, go here for a visual of where he is. (Incidentally, it's the land of Miss Crumpet.)

I know y'all wanted me to get some R&R up in Utah to finish healing, but if anyone else called me "The Black Guy" one more time, I was gunna NOT remember that "we don't kill humans" rule REAL fast. I headed up N. a bit to check out some REAL mnts. Goddamn. I didn't know there were places like this. Yeah, I know. I never left LA, but still. This is a good place to heal. Not a lot of folks up in here, so not a lot of demons feeding off 'em. Got more to say-no more room-say hey to the WC for me.

(Picture of the mountain range mirrored in Jackson Lake, pine trees and Indian Paintbrush in the foreground.)
You see that big one R. of center? That's where I'm staying. Log cabin-I'm doing it up right! Still have a hard time walking more than a few minutes at a time, but the doc says this MNTN air is good for me. Man, there is no AIR in their air! Not like that matters to you, huh? Just playing with you, man. At first it was hard lying up in bed being still. There are times when I go outside and just chill-watch birds (eagles-no word, bro), listen to the wind...Then see that hours have gone by. Shit. I sound like an old man. It's just...this has been good for me. Don't think I'm going soft! I'll be back whipping yo ass soon enough!
P.S. Anyone hear from Faith? Just asking...

Just like me? Whatchu mean "just like me?" I'm a one of a kind original, bro. Damn. She was fine, too. Lemme just say they don't make women like I like up in here. Either all pasty and sick looking or like they could take me out, and not in that sexy Electro Girl way. Hmm. May need to take a long drive out to N. CA and check this brother out. Told you she liked 'em dark. Doc thinks I'm ready to get back to "work" soon... Took a boat out to Elk Island and hiked around. You know some lakes get so cold you can drive a car over the ice? Did I mention black people do NOT like the cold?

I'll take a quick detour :) and then head out to England to check up on you fools. It'll be good to see you, bro. 3 weeks! A'ight?
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