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Happy Homecoming for a soldier

I just heard that my friend's husband has safely landed in the US after being in Iraq for almost 2 years now. He was an MP and was dealing with the daily firefights in Bahgdad. Glad you're home safe and in one piece! To my friend: I'm amazed that you held it together with your girls these past two years. You rose to the challenge with grace, and raised two beautiful girls in your husband's absence.

Read this from Walt Whitman, and find it still relevant today:

The Real War Will Never Get in the Books
To the ... [men} stricken by wounds... at some time in the course of the contest were of more significance even than the politcal interests involved. Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors...the real war will never get in the books.

Glad you're home, D.

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