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Ha ha ha ha. Funny people are my favorite.

In case you've not seen this, "Jane Austen's Fight Club."

I was on set all day Saturday and here's the worst thing about making Indie movies: they use people's houses that have no central A/C. SWAMP COOLERS MAKE NOISE. Audio picks up that noise and can't use the take. Solution? TURN OFF THE NOISEMAKERS. Which means that you have all of the lights blasting their heat on you, you have all of that make up on, and NO AIR. For as many takes as it takes. And in between each take, the makeup girl comes over, blots you, then puts on MOAR POWDER. I looked like Snookie when all was said and done. (But come on, I wouldn't trade it for anything, it's seriously fun to do.) The movie is really, really good, I'll say. "WUSS," and you can follow them on Twitter at @WussMovie. Today is BUSTER BLUTH DAY. (Well, Tony Hale day, but he'll always be Buster to me. LOOSE SEAL! LOOSE SEAL!! Word on set is that he is absolutely charming, sweet, and quite shy. <3)

I'm up to my eyeballs in work, so I'm behind on replying to comments, etc., and probably won't be able to catch up. Also, I bought a cat tower for the kittens, so that's taking up most of my time. LOL. Happy Monday! (And for my g33ks, this cracked me up to no end: Re-Dubbed Dune. "Man, he hit him so hard he look like a homemade tattoo!" The voices are priceless.)

I think pretzel rolls are in order today.
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