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Did you not get what you wanted?

I'm bored.  Don't wanna clean, don't wanna do nothing but sit in front of this pretty blinky box and watch life pass.  Whee!!  I just had an imaginary interview with David Letterman in my head (because I'll become famous from my LJ posts, don't you know?) where I totally freak out with crazy voices and faces and he toasts me for being so goddamn funny.  And then I told him that I wanted to flick Paris Hilton in between the eyes and not hit her, like you would think, because hitting her would be like "punching a bag of vomit."  Huh.  Probably need to go outside and think or be a part of the world for a bit...


I finished all of my CD requests and now am taking "ooh!  I wish I got that one!" requests.  paynbow  and cityphonelines , y'all's are already at the post office, so quit being greedy.  Ha ha!  Now, while I'd like to think I'm made of money, it's really just chocolate and alcohol (my arms are quesadillas) so try to not overwhelm me.  Please?  Maybe after Christmas I can do more, but for now just make it one or two.  Ask again after the new year and we'll work something out.  The master list is here but post your request in this one so I can keep it organized, mm-kay?


And are you reading karabair 's Borogroves fic?  Because you really, really should if you have any interest in Wesley.  And cityphonelines has been writing some amazing stuff.  When is Bear coming back???  I think I'mma go wander the house for a bit.  BORED.

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