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Some links for you this fine morning

My lovely sister hosts an awards site for Buffy/AtS fen, the c2c_buffyawards . Round 2 is still open for nominations, and you should go on over because this ain't yo daddy's award site [and we know this because I JUST TOLD YOU that it's my sister's site. Really, guys, pay attention.]

I like how she's got the rules set up, it's not about the popular person or who can bully their flist into voting multiple times, it's about quality, hooray! Good stuff. It's been some time since I've written any fanfic, and this makes me want to go back and reread some of the good stuff y'all have put out there. Aww, fanfiction is what led me here, MEMORIES. *chin on fists*

Two! Yesterday's snitfest re: current events led me to sitting in a coffee shop and writing for two straight hours, something I've not done in AGES. (Working on my book, for those who are interested.) I know we're not supposed to do this in polite society, but DAMMIT I AM FUNNY. I'm trying my hardest to not make it an angry screed about being betrayed by my religion (even though that's what happened) and the jokes/humor I'm putting in there? Well, it's GOLD PEOPLE. Gold. (No one else is going to build me up, so I have to do it myself, lol.

Fake Bible Books I'm "quoting" from: Levijeanology and Hysterectomy II. Okay, that's more brass than gold, but there's good stuff in there, honest!

Speaking of awesome writing (weren't we?) my good buddy Melissa Francis wrote a wonderful YA book last year, "Bite Me" about a girl with a vampire boyfriend. OH AND IT'S AWESOME AND NOT LIKE TWILIGHT AT ALL. And the sequel "Love Sucks" JUST CAME OUT! (And my daughter got a copy early and is truly the envy of her friends.


"Oh. Oh! What kindness from a stranger that knows my mother through the internet. WHAT KINDNESS! My heart, she is touched."


So you should go buy a copy of it, because we're awesomely supportive of fellow writers on LJ, aren't we? Congrats on the sequel, oatmellow! (Her LJ handle.) She's on a book tour right now, which, HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Seriously awesome, that's how.

Ok. I'm getting back to writing, because this is a RARE THING, me actually doing it and not fifty million other things. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? (Also, AUGH, IT'S GOING VIRAL! Must write faster!! And of course I had to comment.)
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