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I am completely surrounded by a lack of margaritas.

One, I failed to mention that last Saturday was TEQUILA DAY. Hence me not having any delicious nectar near me at the point. This is more profound because I had a lovely lunch with my neighbor at Uncle Julio's, my favorite place for a Milagro silver margarita and a taco al carbon. (One fajita.) I NEED MORE. One is just an appetizer, come on!

Two, I worried that I was losing my liver as things were looking squirrelly, only to realize that I put my left contact in my right eye and vice versa. THANK GOODNESS. *pats liver* Oh, liver, you're doing a bang up job. Keep it up!

Three, I want to go on an epic road trip out west with dovil next spring and drive off the Grand Canyon like Thelma and Louise have sex with Brad Pitt, wait, I messed up, let me try again. Wouldn't it be fun to go on an awesome road trip with someone you really enjoy traveling with who also likes to hike around and drink booze? I THINK SO, TOO. How about it, Universe?

Four, I talked with crazydiamondsue yesterday and she brought something to my attention about myself that I am STILL BLOWN AWAY BY. We were talking about my book (I'm such a bore, I know) and she mentioned that I've dropped most of my Utah/Mormon stuff with one exception: I'm still a busy bee from the Beehive State with all of my constant state of doing doing doing. OH MY GOD. She's exactly right. Clearly the only solution to really letting it all go is to become slovenly and lazy.

Which just brings us right back to my #1 in the list, doesn't it? THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, PEOPLE. Did I mention that a high ball's opening is also a circle? COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

Hey-o, just remembered that I'm also going out for drinks tonight with lynnenne, who is in town on business. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE. Now about that road trip...
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