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More pool construction pics, a Silence of the Lamb joke, and flowers

Because I like to sound far more random than I actually am. Pool stuff at the end, but before that, I received a letter yesterday from the HIGH SCHOOL that my son is attending in a mere two weeks and change. I'm going to start calling him Farmer Ted and hope that he finds a Jake to coach him through the troubled times. LOL. I cannot WAIT for school to start as it's so hot no one wants to do anything unless it involves bickering. And it's boiled down to the most mundane bickering of all: "stop looking at me! Stop touching me! Stop breathing my air!" Whee? I threatened to lock them all out of the house for two hours tomorrow if they didn't cut it out. It was 106 yesterday with no breeze, so that was no idle threat. Emily turns NINE this Saturday (how?!?!) and we're going to Six Flags for some roller coaster fun times, YAY!! She asked for a turtle or skinny jeans. If that doesn't represent the precipice of child to preteen, I don't know what would. Her mother turns 38 this Sunday, incidentally. :)

Because of the supermassive black hooooooooooole-ah! in my backyard, the sprinklers have to stay off until the back lines get re-routed. Which means that my garden is going to have to tough out August in Texas with no supplemental watering. This is where I either prove that I've done a good job putting in tough plants and establishing them in a good way (long, slow, infrequent watering to establish deep roots) or I'm full of it. I put a picture of a section of my garden under the cut for a reference. That's one week without sprinklers (which is normal, I only water once a week if I water.) Also, a few folks asked about Turffalo grass, and it's a hybrid of buffalo grass, a native prairie turf. Turffalo is a bit thicker, plusher, but still requires no supplemental watering nor do you need to mow it - it stops growing at about 4 inches, so it's nice and tall and fluffy. IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!! Lol. It's for arid climates, though, so you East Coasters should not waste your money. You'll kill it by March with the amount of water y'all get. Texas to the north and all the way out west (barring the PNW) can utilize that stuff.

Who was shocked by Top Chef's decision last night? If you talk about the show, please put "Spoiler for Top Chef" in the subject to help folks out. Also, I want to smack the rapist glasses off Alex's face because WHO STILL WEARS THOSE? He has a big ol' turtle head and rapist glasses and I would like for Mike Voltaggio to walk in and just give him a scathing look. And then "cook up" something for me, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Ha.

First, here's the garden. This one is big, sorry if your screen is all wonky. This is the part sun/part shade portion of the landscape. And that yellow rose is the Julia Child rose, and man, is that one tough mother trucker. No extra anything and it's just a prolific bloomer. I just put that one in back in April as a tiny shrub and it's tripled in size. They smell wonderful, btw.

My surprise lilies showed up a month early! Hence the name. They're also called "spider lilies" or "oxblood lilies" depending on he region you're from. I call them gorgeous. And they smell great.

DAY TWO: they showed up yesterday super early and finished the shallow end, put up the "safety fence" where my fence was taken down to keep out the hobos (you know how much hobos love empty pools. and hot temperature and no shade. They're gagging for it!) and called it a day. So it was a 3 hour day, all told. This is the Prime Position that I keep taking all of the pictures from.

And here it is from the deep end, the opposite corner. (There's going to be a test, so write this down. Lol.)

Because I'm a complete dork, I couldn't let a certain opportunity pass. And that opportunity would be to re-enact Catherine in the well from Silence of the Lambs. My kids had no poodle dolls, so we substituted a white cat. Which is COMPLETELY wrong, I know, but all of the girls abducted did have cats, in case you didn't notice. Tough toms, if you look closely. And Jame Gumb had an effete poodle who had a LAMB HAIR CUT. Did you ever notice that? Just me? I have issues, I realize.

"PLEASE LET ME OUT. Yer dog fell down here, I think she's hurt real bad!"

Don't you hurt my dog!

And yes, I realize it's weird that I enlisted my son to take the pictures. I almost had him lean over and pull on his shirt and shout, "Ehhhhhhhhn!" at me, but that would have been too much. Hahahaha.

DAY THREE! (The beginning)

These guys are smart. They brought in fans. They're the steel/re-bar dudes.

¡Hola, Gente!

And again from the deep end.

I really need the guy that said he'd design and build our shade structure to call me back, because I have to submit the plans ASAP to get approval from our HOA. [I know, I know.]] We can't put in decking until the shade structure is DONE, so yeah. I need him to step on it. Or I need to find someone else that can engineer and weld like, yesterday.

ION, I've been sucking down Criminal Minds like there's no tomorrow. Man, I love that show. And I really really need Shemar Moore to have his shirt off and be heroic in every single episode, thanks. Hahaha.
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