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Wassup, Bro? Dude bro? Bro? (LOL.) Yesterday was a quick one for the pool dudes: rebar before the guinite goes in. (This is the foundation stuff, then plaster goes on that, but that's next to last, the plaster.)

The thermometer hovered at 108, but with the humidity/hot wind, it felt like 120. Holy hell in a hand-basket. The next person that scoffs at global warming is getting my blistered foot in their throat.

Day Three Continued They had run the longitudinal steel bars, or were starting to, when I posted last. This is the next picture.

From my standard Pole Position:

And the Miss Congeniality position a few minutes later (I needed my coffee:)

End of the day:

And straight on until morning:

Miss Congeniality is voted on by her peers, you know:

Detail of the hot tubs wall made of pure rebar (and when you stand over the hole, it feels like it's crazy deep. I think that's because it is.)

DAY FOUR - Start
Woke up to no noise! Then went outside and saw boxes. Then saw the very quiet guys already in the pool lining the rim with copper wire. Realized I didn't have a bra on. Remembered there's no fence. Ran in quickly, got dressed, and went to take my pictures. (Hey, I hadn't had my coffee yet, I wasn't thinking clearly.)

Some people think of that as the real prize, Miss Congeniality, because let's face it, beauty pageants are filled with bitchy climbers. And when they're six and they have those flippers that look like shark teeth, you really have to watch out. Wait, what the hell was I talking about?

The Mr. got back from his business trip last night and went outside, loosening his tie and becoming a 12 year old as he looked at a big giant hole in his backyard. CUTENESS. He of course had to walk around the whole thing, grinning from ear to ear, marveling at all the work. LOL. (He's still sad he missed the Big Dig.)

It's about to get boring, I think, with all of the electrical work, so everything will be under a cut for your scrolling pleasure. :)

And I did mention the heat index yesterday was 120? I need to finish birthday shopping for Miss Emily, who requested HOODIES and SKINNY JEANS. Heat index. How about some modeling clay and a fan? (The clay is something to do INDOORS, you see.) And we're going to Six Flags tomorrow. Where we will shed forty-seven pounds of sweat, I'm sure. {Hey, she asked for that, and no friends are in town for her birthday, so I'm all about making her not sad. Summer birthdays can suck.}

Jersey Shore mockage coming up!


Aug. 6th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
Blaaaaaaargh. That is *way too much heat*. Jayzus. And man, skinny jeans. Make sure all her hoodies are big, and her t-shirts go down past her hips 'cause those stupid skinny jeans are 'low rise' and when you sit - hello, underwear! And ass crack.

Do not envy you your Six Flags trip.

Rebar is skeery. Pokey and dangerous!
Aug. 7th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
Crazydiamondsue and I were talking about Cordy and rebar. But since I'm an attentive parent, I (of course) don't let the kids near the construction site. And there are no exposed ends of rebar, so it's not a problem.
Aug. 7th, 2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
Oh, silly, i wasn't being serious about the rebar - i can't imagine you letting your kids run rampant around it. It just *looks* skeery, and i can, of course, imagine myself stumbling while i wander around and falling on some.

*stays far away*


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