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Pool! Kittens! Oh, Crap!

Nothing happened over the weekend with the pool because a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR came upon us Friday and we had to wait for things to dry out. Evidently a big sump pump was brought out to empty the TWO FEET of water standing in the deep end, but I missed it while running errands, boo. That would have been cool to film.

I woke up and saw pool lights and filters being put in! Huzzah!

Looking into the abyss

I've been assured that those big ol' poles sticking out will not always be there. That could really jack with the over all look, I think. ;) <-- winky face in case you thought I was serious. In which case, welcome to my journal! I'M A DORK.

Hot tub snake! That would make an amazing band name, I'm just saying. Like, cheesy 80s rock music of the David Lee Roth variety. I'm just saying.

It's raining men! PTCHOO! Hallelujah, it's-uh raining men! PTCHOO! Amen! Except for how nooooooooo! Will this mess things up for me? Bum bum buuuuuuuuum!

They took the water out so I didn't get to take a picture of me down in there screaming, "THE SWIMMING POOL!" as I look for my creepy Carol Ann (and really, she's in talking with my son inside through the STATIC. In case you forgot.)

The whole color of the crappy soil changes from gross to yuck when wet.

How muddy was it? It was so muddy that I had to untie my shoes and pull my feet out of them to escape. It's quicksand, I tells ya.

Cue the birdsong and flute because the sun is shining, the tank is clean, and a big ol' dump truck of stuff is here along side a cement mixer!

MOAR TO COME. I'm going crazy with the pics today. Um, I might just put them into video format and spare your scroll finger, that's how nice and thoughtful I am. IT IS SO FUN WATCHING THIS STUFF GO IN, WHEE! (My neighbor with the toddler called in sick today so he could stand outside and watch. Hahahaha. Boys.)

Kittens! Oh no, Smidgen is beginning estrus, and she's only 15 weeks old! She's a baby, not yet a woman... So I'm waiting to hear back from the vet for when she can go in (and Smudge, too) and get her lady parts (his man bits) removed and shots administered, etc. That, uh, was an unpleasant way to wake up last night. That's a HORRIBLE noise. (Not as bad as the wet plunger noise of eminent vomit from a dog, but CLOSE.) They're separated from each other, and the kids have been put on notice to... not let Smudge get on top of girl kitty. The older two gave me A Look, which I confirmed with A Look of my own. Sex = bringing families together since fig leafs.

WHEN DID MY HOUSE BECOME AN ATTIC WITH PAPER FLOWERS? I did serve powdered donuts for breakfast, however.... Was it weird that I put ballet slippers on the girl kitty? And put a stethoscope on boy kitty? Let's not make this weird, okay, let's just let nature take its course. It's beautiful. (AHHHH!)

That's the oh, crap part. I'm heading out to the tile showroom (showroom makes me laugh, it seems like such a pompous word) to pick the water-edge tile while these brohans finish up the guinite. YAY FUNTIMES.
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