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Oh my god. It's not a person or an animal, IT IS FAR WORSE. They've ripped out my front flower bed - unbeknownst to me - to access the main water valve. IF I HAD KNOWN, I WOULD HAVE SAVED THEM. *cry*

I know it's lame, but I am SHAKING. Like, a huge Texas sundrop, several zebra mallows, all of my meadow sages, a MEMORIAL ROSE you know, to memorialize someone, my tiger lily bulbs, and that's all I can tell by peeking out the window. I can't bear to go out there and look. (It would have been nice to know about them digging there ahead of time so I could have dug up the plants myself and saved them. AUGH. I'll be letting my pool man know I'm frustrated by this. I'm sure other people don't care, so he didn't think to tell me but MY PLANTS ARE MY FRIENDS. *cry again* I know I'm a dork, I KNOW.)

Still. D: First person to make fun of me for crying gets a brown grasshopper in their nose.
Tags: pool building is funtimes, waaaah
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