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New Fic, Just in time for the Holidays. I mean, aren't we getting a little sick of it?

This is an experiment, but I will see it through with a new chapter everyday until all 12 parts are posted.

Pairing: Cecily/William (Spike)/Drusilla
Rating: PG-13 for some snits and I'm not sure...
Summary: Ever wonder what made Cecily leave her Victorian life to become Halfrek? Heh heh heh...

1880, December the Thirteenth
Mother and I have been quite concerned about the strange goings-on at the Haugh residence. Ever since William disappeared for a fortnight, strange doings have been told by the servants. Not that I listen to such gossip, but when one hears of a fine, upstanding lady such as Mistress Haugh... Well, better not to speak of such things. What mother wouldn't become adle-brained with such a wretch for a son? To think he deigned to love ME... It isn't to be borne.

However, I do find it odd to see movement in the windows at such a small hour of the night, yet no servants coming in and out during the day. No matter.

Tonight is a Grand Ball at the Worthingham Estate. I shall wear my lavender crinoline and carry the new clutch Father brought back from his travels. I expect to make quite a splash.

1880, December the Fourteenth
It was lovely to see everyone dressed so fine last night. My card was full all evening, and I dare say that Roger Worthingham and I would make a charming couple. It was all Mother could talk about on our ride home. I was the only girl in lavender, and with my complexion, there aren't many who could wear such a delicate colour. I am certain to be remembered for it.

Mother is calling me to the foyer. Someone has sent a gift. Can I imagine who has sent something this close to Christmas? Oh, do I dare?


That he would... the unmittigated gall of him. Common sense and propriety dictate that one does not purchase a gift for someone richer than he. What would be the point? That Mr. William Haugh sent a gift as if he had the right... And how droll. A partridge perched in a fruit tree as the song calls it. I could die of shame. I had mother roundly send it back, unsigned. Oh, I hope no one has heard of this... I shall not be made a laughingstock.


So? Anyone else care about this? I'll more later. Bet you a million dollars that you'll never guess the next gift. That is a complete lie.

BTW: According to Victorian times, it was considered ridiculous to try and give someone with more money than you a present. In a way, if someone bought you a gift, they were obviously indicating their superior wealth to yours. Merry Christmas! (I read a few Harper's Bazaar articles from 1880s today...)
Tags: btvs, dark fic, fic, funny fic
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