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Pool pics and surprise guests

First, because it's all consuming in my life, pool pics.

We spent the weekend watering the cement and drinking margaritas, because it's incredibly hot. And we're standing on cement. Hooooooot is what I'm saying. Four times a day it gets hosed off. Oy. Almost done, though! (Which is crazy, right? That's crazy fast?)

The end of DAY 8 saw the pool equipment go in, the water, gas and electricity lines were run to their appropriate locations, and I had loads of inspectors come to approve of all of this. I was told by my HOA that we cannot build the steel shade structure that we wanted, because they would prefer wood or VINYL, because they're morons. Vinyl is classy I guess? Also, you automatically lose points when you use the term "classy." WHATEV. We're making the exact same thing out of wood, then, which means we'll have to replace it in 10 years because we live in an oven. FEH. (See this site for some beautiful examples of how it will look when it's done. I was so happy to find this site this weekend, because it shows I'm on trend, as Tim Gunn would say. Hahaha.)

DAY 8 - Wrapped up

I had loads of ankle-breaking trenches dug all over the property, but once the lines were covered up, back when the horrid dirt. That will all be covered by decking, so eh. Behind the pool where the landscaping will go, I will have it all hauled away and some lovely loamy soil brought in.

It's drying out after the billionth watering.

And a shot of the super awesome high tech pool equipment. (Ours is a combo of chlorine and ozone, much more efficient, much clearer water, much less maintenance. We will build a wall to hide the equipment, btw.)


Um, I thought the black stuff was some kind of backer board for the tile, but they're laying mortar/a scratch coat on top, so I have no clue what's happening.

Proof they're keeping hydrated:

I know that I'm supposed to get tile and plaster this week, as well as getting the posts for the shade structure dug and decking by the end of the week. Next week - when the plaster has cured for several days, GUESS WHAT? If you guessed cannonball, you are the winner.

I am not a fan of fennel, per se - I hate black licorice and anything that tastes of it [with one exception, star anise when cooked in tomatoes, because it ends up tasting like basil] but I grow fennel every year in hopes of hosting Monarch butterfly larvae - this was a rough year for the Monarchs, their #s in Mexico were cut in half due to weather. So this is an excellent sign!

We counted about 20, including the teeny ones. I hope there's enough fennel that they'll be able to metamorphose from that instead of eating each other. (They did that last year, cutting the 9 down to 2. Eeesh.)

Closer! [/Hannibal Lector]

Those were the welcomed visitors. The tomato hornworms (I stopped counting at 15) that ate ALL OF MY TOMATOES - oh my god - were not welcomed. I spent a little bit this morning venting my anger at my 7 foot tall tomato plants being reduced to skeletons (no, really) by cutting them in half with my secateurs. BASTARDS. There goes my second round of tomatoes, I didn't even get any from the first round because of rabbits and a poorly timed vacation. AUGH. No more veggies grown up front for me, I'm the only one that grows anything which means I get ALL of the pests, warm blooded and otherwise. It's incredibly frustrating. I feel like Ma and Pa Ingalls watching the corn freeze, lol.

Lastly, and under a cut, TRUEBLOOD LAST NIGHT, OMG LOL.


1. I guess Franklin regenerated because his head wasn't removed? Note to self - bashing in a vampire's brains doesn't work.

2. The Mr. and I have contemplated wooden bullets for YEARS and wondered why we hadn't seen that in any vampire movies we've watched. Well played, Jason Stackhouse, even though I'm over your needing to save every female in the show.

3. Speaking of, too late, Sookie, with your "I am strong, quit trying to save me OMG EEEEEEEEEK!" b.s. with BEEEL last night. I figured out what it is with her that bugs me: she has the body of a child. That's gross. Like, she looks like a girl just in the middle of puberty. GRODY. (Because she's an adult having adult relations, you see.) Also, I mentioned to Kassie last week that it bugs me that they didn't cast a big boobed woman in the role, because Sookie is all about reminding people of her grande tetas.

4. PAM AND ERIC. I love them forever. I want fic where they had sex before the PR chick showed up, because they were totally in a state of re-dress post coitus, anyone else catch that?

5. OMG RUSSELL EDGINGTON IS THE BEST VAMPIRE ON THIS SHOW currently. How freaking awesome was that scene of him ripping out a SPINE, licking his hand, then the whole, "And now, the weather! Tiffany?" LOL x infinity. I did find the rolling in Talbot's sticky entrails a bit much, but him keeping his lover in Lalique leaded-crystal is pretty awesome.

6. I'm over Tommy. He just serves to cause drama.

7. Interesting take on the abortion/pro-choice issue with Holly and Arlene. Felt too after-school special to me, however.

I AM OVER THE BATTERED WOMAN SHIT, can I just get that out? It's heavy handed. WE GET IT. Also, it's more of a circus show than "how can we really dissect this issue in a new and intelligent way?" I just cracked myself up because this is True Blood and they don't do things delicately, lol.

8. OMG SUNNY BROUGHT HER DOLLS TO MERLOTTE'S AHAHAHAHA. Who is this person, and why is she not in a home with lots of meds? Hilarious. (And I just caught her name this ep - see: heavy handed symbolism)

Okay, my boys needs new jeans for school. We're off to someplace basic like The Gap - it's better than the tattered athletic shorts he lives in. Jeez, anything is better than that. :)
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