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Oh, Cherry Limeade, cure me of my ills

Headache going strong for two days now, what the hell? I would love to post pics of what's happening in the pool arena, but we were deluged by rain - 1.5 inches in 30 minutes - and I literally got stuck in the mud and had to abandon my shoes. Oh, flippy floppies, you will be missed. Until the ground dries out and I dig you out and hose you off. All of the electrical stuff was done, so now all that's left is plaster, the shade structure (we're building that this weekend, I think?) and deck. I totally bought pool noodles today in anticipation. ALMOST HERE, PRECIOUS! (And this relates to the pictures not one whit, I just have a headache and am being obstinate.)

In the meantime, my favorite local garden center sent me a 30% off one item coupon good for today only, so I went ahead and bought that weeping atlas cedar I mentioned yesterday. YAY! [I think I like the way this is shaped the best. Feel free to make suggestions.] The garden center only gets two a year, and I got one of them. So it's going to sit on my front porch and wait to be planted in a few weeks, because I was not going to leave things to chance. Screw chance, he made fun of me in high school. (True story, there was a kid named Chance who came over to hang out and drink beer and play poker with my bio-mom - good people, that woman *eyeroll* - and he and my mother coined my high school nickname, "Adopted." Because, you see, I wasn't entertaining and awesome like my other sisters and my mother. OKAY THEN.

...I might still be a little bitter. Whatever, he had an almost albino tight fro, and that look ain't working. I think he has a gambling addiction now, too. In your face, jerk! (LOL, I'm horrible inside, huh?)

Where was I? Oh, right, about to tell you that I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at a tumbler account that specifically is about Alexander Ska-circle-rsga-circle-rd. :) And it reminds me of how disgusted I am by the BEEEEL/Sookeh pairing and am ready for that to be over. UGH. Those two gross me out, and a lot of it is because they're real life partners.

Because I'm a total flake by this point in the day (guys, if you want coherency, I have to post in the AM with my coffee) I also want to mention that I'm still sucking down Criminal Minds and would love a rec for some really excellent gen fic that explores the team's dynamic. No shippy stuff, unless you think it's just so well written I can't pass it up. Anyone? And I would really like to have some quiet time to try my hand at writing a fic from Reid's POV trying to fit the pieces of everyone into his logic center.

And now I lie down with my cherry limeade. Oh, Sonic with your happy hour. You live up to that claim. :)
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