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Pool construction picspam

Not a lot happened over the past few days that you can see, but today is a big one - they're framing out the deck!

Last half of DAY 9

All of the gas lines were run to the one-day outdoor kitchen which involved loads of pipe from the front of my house, all along the side, all along the back and then ending in a stub sticking out. The BBQ will sit on this and be forever powered instead of us having to change out propane tanks. Needless to say this, and the kegerator, are the aspects of this whole project that are exciting to the Mr. [We're looking up locks for the keg taps, because we have teenagers. If that's not feasible, then we'll just put in two fridges out there instead of a kegerator, much to all of the neighborhood men's chagrin.]

Remember the black boards along the perimeter? Those WERE backer boards for the tile. See?

And seriously, all of that crap sitting in the deep end is making me crazy. I have clean-issues, what can I say?

DAY 10 Or, the day a hot chav came and finished the tile and I was too self-conscious to take his picture.

Seriously, the guy was stupid hot. And looked like he was stupid. Like the kind that says "supposubly" and "irregardless" and those are his fancy words. But he was pretty, you'll just have to trust me. (And he took his shirt off at one point and I almost spilled my coffee on myself. Yes, I parked myself and my laptop right at the kitchen window where I never sit, WHAT OF IT?)

The spillway from the hot tub to the pool was tiled by Mr. Hot Chav. We also had a torrential downpour (the one that cause me to fossilize my flip flops) and I couldn't get out there to take pics of the electrical dudes, but you don't care about that, right? It's not like they had glowing blue tracksuits a la Tron, they just drilled holes in the brick and hooked up the pool equipment.

DAY 11

Deck is getting framed out, YAY.

They're putting in lines for the drains - the ones in the deck where the water runs off when you climb out of the pool and the one for the down-spout from the roof.

That one massive PVC pipe is for me to later run electrical wire through so I can have lights in the landscape, or my sprinkler system modified, etc.

They're going to finish framing it out, level it with sand and pound that down, then I have to wait for an inspector to come approve that. THEN I have to get the Mr. to dig the holes for our shade structure, we have to have an inspector check that, and then Monday (hopefully) they'll pour the deck. That's when the plaster should go in, too, if not tomorrow. I might be swimming next weekend. EH MEH GHED.

[ETA] A big dump truck just showed up with leveling sand, whee! Oh man, I bet my neighbors will be happy when this is done - the WHOLE cul-de-sac is being occupied, eek. Sorry! (They mostly work during the day, so hopefully no one is planning on coming home for lunch.)

ION, to quell my headache yesterday I took to my bed with the Sookie Stackhouse books (#3 and #4) to remind myself of all of the stuff that's not on True Blood. And I realized just how reprehensible a character Sookie is. Guys, she's a self-centered, judgmental jerk. It makes me lol. I wrote up a character analysis last night and sent it to Kassie to make her laugh. I might post it, if only to see if anyone else noticed how much abuse the word "mouthwatering" got in that whole series. FIND A NEW WORD, CHARLAINE.

IOOtherN, I've got the outline of a Dr. Reid fic bumbling around, and that's very exciting because I all but given up on ever writing fanfic again, so that's something. To me, at least. :)

I have leftover shredded, roasted pork shoulder that is calling my name. Mmmm, adobo seasoning & chipotles + pork = happy mouf on me. Poor Sally Derg was waiting for her bone [I always save big bones for her] but there is no where for her to nom [that's strictly an outdoor activity] and she is sad faced. She keeps looking at me with a head tilt as I reheat the meat as if to say, "MOM I CAN SMELL IT. Where's mah bone, baroooOoooo!?" Soon, purpy derg, you shall have it for I have wrapped it in plastic and shoved it in the freezer where it awaits your delicate derg lips.
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