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Part the Second of our Cecily/12 Days of Christmas torture fest

[EDIT FOR WHEEE!!] Look at the schnazzy icon spikendru made me!!!

And isn't that the peppiest subject line that ever was? A wassailing I must go... This story was inspired by my family, and I am not making that up.

Title: 12 Gifts of Christmas From Someone Beneath Me
Rating: PG-13 for disturbing themes and Victorian snits
Pairing: Cecily/and mysterious gifter
Summary: Someone won't stop pestering Cecily, even though she made her feelings clear... Is it enough to drive her mad? To vengeance? Do you know how much I hate filling out these blanks?

1880, December the Fifteenth
I hardly slept at all last night. Mother insisted that no others were in the street when the delivery boy arrived, but one can never be certain. I insisted to her that I had let Mr. William Haugh know in no uncertain terms that I didn't care for him, and that it was cruel of him to suppose that I would be able to suffer any feelings beyond civility for him. His father left the family's finances in such a state. As if it was to be considered!

I will put this all behind me, hold my head high, and begin to prepare for tonight's ball. Mr. Worthingham is to be sought after with due haste!

Later this day...
How can someone be so stupid? He is too much a sentimental fool to be cruel. A pair of doves! In gilt cages, no less. Everyone knows that they have no money. This flagrant display of borrowed wealth is shameful. It is certain why his mother was driven to... No. Mustn't speak of that fine woman in such a manner. And the cow of a delivery boy brought the fruit tree with the same partridge back 'round again. Has the whole town gone mad? I want to crawl under the covers and sleep the night away, but Mother says to put my best face forward and put this all behind me.


I have this all written, waiting approval from crazydiamondsue...
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