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Daily pool pics and a short tale of ugh

First, pool. I have the foundation for the deck! They pour on Monday, then blow in the plaster the next day (I think) and fill it NEXT WEEKEND. My floaties and flippy floppies are waiting.

DAY 11 Sand. ("You ate sand?" "We ate sand.")

BOOP! BOOP! BOOP! Big truck a'dumping.

String lines for marking boundaries and 2 x 4s for structure

And sand. Lots of sand.


and lots

and lots of sand and rebar on top

That big pile of fill dirt that's been in the back of the yard is being utilized here, with sand on top. This guy is like, "¿Por qué toma esta señora mi imagen?" (Why is this lady taking my picture?) Por qué yo soy muy loco, señor!

I felt weird butting in while they were working, so I waited until they left to take the last shots.

My backyard has never felt big to me before. I was just a lot of crappy grass and dog turds. With the ginormous hole and now the decking all mapped out, I'm changing my tune. (The rare occasion I mowed back there, it felt huge. No more mowing back there EVER, YAY!)

I took my new fun neighbor to the garden center to help her pick out plants. We've been planning on a little outing since our margarita lunch the other day. But I didn't realize she was bringing her 2 year old with her. Note: I have nothing against 2 year olds, having had three of them. But. This is a 100 degree (plus) day, there is nothing of real interest to a 2 year old at a nursery (aside from pulling flowers off of plants, ack) and it's almost nap time. Now, her daughter looooves me. Which is sweet. But I'm hot, she's snotty, and I don't want to hold her in nursery all while pointing out plants to her mom and trying to get a word in around "I-i-i-i-i-i-i want to touch that, Wora." Etc. etc.

If I'm braced for cranky 2 year olds, I'm a-ok. When I'm trying to "work" well... Let's do this again when Daddy's home, mm'kay? That's just not a fun place for a kid, let's be honest. Let's, guys. Let's be honest. Cut the lying. God, I just can't trust any of you, can I?

WHY YES I'M A LITTLE ADDLE PATED BECAUSE OF THE HEAT, WHY DO YOU ASK? OMG, pool in days, just keep thinking there will be a pool in a matter of DAYS.

JERSEY SHORE. Guys, I've not had much to say because it's just so... embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for pretty much all of them. But I do have a few things about last night.


Okay, Sammi. Sammi, I was feeling for you. I thought - for a New York minute - that you were being treated unfairly by bloated David Boreanaz. NOT ANYMORE. Girls, if you know that someone is cheating on you so shamelessly (and come on, SHE KNOWS) and you continue to go back to some juiced up meathead that constantly calls you a bitch or a cunt, then you are an idiot. STOP THAT. You are 21. You should be out having fun with lots of guys (with protection) and not stuck playing stupid games to test someone if they're loyal. GROW UP. OMG, I hate games like that. HATE.

Also, Bloated DB is gross. His weenie ass hips and legs and meaty, 'roided up torso make me want to hit him with a brick.

How bad is it that Da Situation is the voice of reason in the house? I do like that he's competent in the kitchen - I appreciate a man that not only can cook for himself, but likes cooking for everyone else. And it seems like all the guys know how to cook, at least Pauly D and Vinnie. I love that Vinnie takes his job seriously. UM, YEAH. You should take every job seriously or you should quit.

Hilarious moment of the week: Angelina showing up in her ugly ass lingerie to be "sexy" and it looked like a freaking trash bag. And Vinnie said, "She's wearing her luggage from the Shore!" LOL x forever, omg. Trash bags is weeds, man. Mow that shit down. Mostly because she's sloppy drunk. Eww, I hate being around sloppy, aggressive, loud drunks. You are not fun, you are not awesome, you are an embarrassment to yourself. Evidence: Bloated DB falling on his face multiple times. Gross.

I would totally watch a show with Da Situation, Pauly D, and Vinnie going across the country and being themselves, though. I CAN'T HELP IT. Also, JWowww (the extra W's are for WTF?) needs to pop those balloons, I don't know how she can stand upright.

It's just a bunch of patheticness right now. I need more grenade shenanigans. Lol.
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